Sex Is Sex. But Money Is Money. — Matter

Sometime early this year, a man offered to pay me $3,000 a month to be his girlfriend. I thought it was ridiculous – ridiculous not because he wanted to pay for companionship, ridiculous because a monthly payment of $3k was simply too little. 

Of course, I never intended to accept his proposal – largely because I was already married – but weighing the pros and cons (or maybe, just cons) of being his escort was a fun exercise. In my current day job, I earn around the price he set, and I only needed to work mentally (and occasionally, emotionally) about 9 hours a day, 5 times a week. After which, I can spend time with the love of my life, and our family and friends. If I had taken his offer, I can imagine the ungodly hours needed to spend mentally, emotionally and physically just to make him happy. And most importantly, I might not be able to see Tiramisu. Was it going to be worth it? I didn’t think so. 

When I declined his offer the first time, he added incentives like buying me clothes and jewelry, and going on expensive holidays together. At that moment, I felt really sad for him. I bet he was used to getting everything that he wanted just because he was rich, and there he was, all too eager to pay for attention from a woman half his age, and I just had to reject him again. 

Anyway, the point of sharing the link is to show that truly, being paid $3000 a month as a girlfriend is not profitable at all. It will just be a crazy taxing job with no bright future outlook. I mean, pretending to be someone’s girlfriend or lover has a potential to be a very lucrative business, so if you’re investing yourself into it, you gotta have a good business framework and make the best out of it, like Sverlana Z. Never shortchange yourself. 

Sex Is Sex. But Money Is Money. — Matter


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