Hunger games

SR: Do you think you’ll change much after marriage?
Katniss: Nolah… N still the same
after marrying, you also still the same.
Iffy: SR and T the same? They got wilder after marriage! *inserted stories*
Peeta: Hahahah…

This is one of the few prominent conversations from last
weekend largely because I’m craving to execute something wild. Unfortunately, T and I can only engage in it
on 7 November because of our packed schedule. Fuck.

On related news, I had a really fun time with my girls,
celebrating Katniss’ hen party overseas! They were bitches to me – pretending
that I’m pregnant  throughout the trip, confessing
to me their horrible first impressions of me, making me act unnecessarily
during charades – but I love them still ‘cause I get to bully them bad too, especially
the bride to be 🙂


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