Wedding weekend!


Photo – 25 Oct 2015: T and I in our outfits chosen by the bride and groom, sitting in between bunga pahar (decorated eggs symbolizing fertility).

We witnessed two beautiful weddings the past weekend, and at all times, especially when the solemnization ceremonies were occurring, I felt blessed for being married to Tiramisu

One of my favourite moments on Sunday’s wedding was when we were taking care of our friends’ four months old baby. The cutiepie was a classic Michelin baby and I couldn’t stop teasing him! I pinched his chubby fats, I raised his arms and legs, and I bite his cheeks. So in between, I was telling Tiramisu, "Kalau kite ade anak, confirm die jadi bahan. (If we have a child, he’d confirm be our plaything/puppet.) “ Tiramisu laughed and agreed instantly!

In a related topic, one of my least favourite moments was when relatives at the two weddings asked us when we are going to have our own child. It hasn’t reached to the point of absolute annoyance yet (this question pops up at every family reunions), so we politely replied not anytime soon. We spoke about this after the wedding and we thought that it is really rude for people to keep asking, “When are you having your baby???”

Firstly, we have friends who’ve tried for years to have a baby, and even underwent IVF, but still cannot have a baby, and I’d think they go through hell whenever people poke this very sensitive question. And secondly, why must we have a baby just because we are married? Sure, these relatives may be excited for us or they may even ask the question because they’ve ran out of topics to talk about, but truth be told, Tiramisu and I still want to enjoy our childless life, and we are definitely not ready to be parents yet.

Honestly, we do wonder at times if our act of not having a baby now may lead to us not having a baby forever. But always, this brings us back to a very important conversation we had before we got married: We do want to have a child in 2-3 years, and if our bodies refuse to co-operate, we’d do a Monica and Chandler 🙂


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