I’m crying.

Apart from Sam Smith’s “I’m not the only one” and Ludacris’ “Move bitch”, this song plays a crucial role in our relationship. 

It was exactly a month since we first met on the bus, and there, before my eyes, was a mat adorned with romantic candles, on the jetty overlooking Bedok Reservoir. I didn’t expect to be greeted with this beautiful setting! Heck, I didn’t even expect him to confess his love for me to me a couple of hours before, but hehehehehe, he did! I remember gushing and blushing, yet breathing in each moment so that they’ll etch as unforgotten memories. 

We were in a relationship for 24 days already but I wasn’t ready to roll the words “I love you” off my tongue yet*. Most of my friends questioned on how I had gotten myself in a relationship without expressing love in the first place, but I didn’t think it was important. Anyway, he impressed me by being totally okay about it, instead of demanding to know what I felt about him just because he said the significant words. It showed how cool and confident he was (and still is)! He impressed me further later in the night, by whipping out his guitar and serenading the cheesy yet apt song. My heart melted… 

He then presented me with a simple but symbolic gift which I’m very grateful for till today. Looking back at how we started out, and how we are now, and where we are heading to**, I feel absolutely lucky and thankful to be with my multi-layered Tiramisu 🙂

*How I finally did express that feelings to him was horribly awkward, which I think he will never forgive me for, haha!

**If all goes well, a big change in our lives will happen on 17 February!!!


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