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This week, I spent less time with T due to work. Since my unit hit our peak period a week ago, I’ve been overwhelmed with tight deadlines and pressure to ensure that operations on the ground goes smooth. The challenge is real, and it will only get crazier once I start covering my colleagues when they go on leave. I lovelovelove this fast-paced insanity, and it’s absolutely satisfying when things go as planned! The only sucky thing is I spend less time with T. But I’m working on it – I may take some time off to catch up with my man 🙂

The heavy workload will continue till mid-January 2016. That will probably be the time when I present the letter to my manager. When I told my team about the plan, a mix of disappointment, fear, sadness and slight happiness was expressed. I was humbled by the whole experience, and it made me think about my early days in this organization. I was in a different department, and the job development and the work culture were not suitable for me, and hence I decided to quit three months into the job. My then boss accepted my resignation, but the management decided to offer me two other positions. I gave one a try and now, going back to the humbling experience, I am glad I made the choice to stay and work with this team. I’ve developed so much under the wings of my supervisors, fellow officers and assistants, and I’m just very grateful for it. 

I’m even more thankful to be recognised yesterday during the staff dinner for being the best individual employee and the best team-player employee for Q3. The latter marks the third recognition award I have received within the span of two years, something which I never thought could occur. Sure, I had set an expectation for myself to attain the top award (because I like to set high expectations for myself and I’m competitive like that), and had worked myself toward it, but after some reflection, I think it’s alright to not be awarded that. Knowing that I’ve done worthy work for the community is enough. 

That being said, I’m not sure what exactly I will feel when the plan finally materialises. On one hand, I know I will be excited for the future. On the other, I may not be ready to leave my career behind, something which is going on well for me thus far. I’ve got a couple of months to sort my thoughts out, and to mentally prepare myself for changes. I hope I will end up doing the right things, for my own sake and for my happiness with T. 


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