40 to 47

40 – Sleeping with Tiramisu for 7 nights straight. While I’m ok with sleeping alone, nothing beats a verbal goodnight wish and a goodnight hug and a goodnight kiss right before closing the eyes 😛

41 – Dancing and flaming together at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016! M&R tagged along too }:D

42 – Watching “You’re the worst” while eating snacks and cuddling in bed 🙂 I brought him food from the kitchen every time an episode ends because he asked for it. And my weak self succumbed to eating as well because the food looked really good, especially the Famous Amos cookies and the keropok ikan with chilli sauce.  

43 – Hanging out with our best cousins in town. Like, oh-mah-gawd, I don’t know when’s the last time we went there – there are so many new chillax places to explore!

44 – Sitting momentarily on the same dais we sat on for 4 hours about 11 months back. My cousins got married with their partners at the same location we got married, so it was pretty cool to be guests instead of the bride and groom. I really enjoyed sitting at the table by the sea! I’m so super thankful Tiramisu convinced me that Gurame was an awesome wedding location, ‘cause it really is…  

45 – Discovering new songs on Spotify and playing them sexily on the Marshall. Haha, we also played old jiwang Indon boybands’ songs too… Sucks that Peterpan is not on Spotify though. 

46 – Agreeing that Spize’s food is better than Tish Tash Tosh. I don’t know how our friends and us decided to eat at the latter, but clearly it was a mistake worth $20 each. 

47 – Having Tiramisu prepare for me a cup of cough medication when I felt too weak to do anything. I still feel sick today, but I gotta take care of myself 😦 Cannot wait to see my love again tomorrow after work!


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