Singing Slothrust’s 7:30 Am to Tiramisu and subsequently feeling all nostalgic about MNS messenger.

SR: *sings* I’m gonna leave you anyway, I’m gonna leave you anyway, I’m gonna leave you anyway…

T: About a year back, you sang me I’m not the only one, now this…

SR: Hehe!

About an hour later –

SR: *plays The Kooks’ Junk of The Heart (Happy) on speaker*

T: What song is this? Why can’t you sing songs like this to me?

SR: Hahaha, I already am making you happy, no need to “want to make you happy”! And this is by The Kooks. I put the lyrics to this song as my whatsapp status, you never see right?

T: Nobody reads whatsapp status.

SR: I miss MSN messenger, everybody reads your status there, and sometimes, interests would sparked a conversation based on what you type. Like, “You have a new girl/boyfriend isit?”

T: Hahaha, yeah, I remember having a status that went like ‘Peeing into the urinal and I see pubic hair. How did that got there?’ and so many people started chatting with me because of that!

SR: HAHA! Ah, I miss MSN…


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