Not taking care of ourselves because we priortize fun over health and regretting it sorely on the night before a working Monday. 

Sat night: We finally tried the Mexican food at the restaurant we’ve been eyeing! After eating the delicious guacamole and tortilla chips and tacos and quesadilla, and drinking frozen drink, my voice went even hoarser than before and my cough went crazy. BUT I was really happy with the food and I’d definitely have another round of guacamole there 😀

Sun: We went shopping in town (it’s been a while!), learnt something new at Triumph (woo wee!), ate delicious sushi at Taka (mmm!), watched Star Wars at Bugis (zzz), and went home when we decided we should succumb to our illness (zzzzzz!). "Our" because I apparently passed some germs to Tiramisu the night before. We wanted to sleep early after taking medication, but we ended up talking about nonsense things in bed for hours. In the words of Gretchen and gang, it was a SUNDAY FUNDAY 🙂    


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