Letting go doesn’t mean giving up.

six word story // april (via just-six)

Ever since I read the text in the afternoon, vulgarities kept inundating my mind. It was tough to concentrate on my job, but I knew I should not whatsapp T about it ‘cause he was extremely busy at work. I knew it’s best to talk to him at home. And it turned out right. I feel calmer now. I still feel the person is an asshole, but at least I don’t feel as overwhelmed. T knows best on how to make me feel better. 

Anyway, I happened to read the above six-words story and I wish I could tell the person that me letting go of some parts of the relationship does not mean I’ve given up the relationship altogether. And oh, I’d add a “fuck you” too. Let’s see when is the best time for me to say these.


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