Proving to Tiramisu that he uses profanities like I do. (He used to say he doesn’t. Now he claims that he uses less obscene language than me, which I disagree. Heh heh!)

Around 9pm yesterday –

SR: *tells T about my day*
T: You’re a gitch.
T: You know what’s a gitch?
SR: HAHA, yeah, gross bitch. Hehehehehe! But see, I told you that I’m not the only one who is vulgar in this relationship…

Later at about 1am –

(Conversation was about how much weight we’ve gained since we got married)
T: You know, we can be Fig and Olive.
SR: Huh, why? *feels confused and thinks that he is randomly changing the topic to talk about the restaurant*
T: You are Fig and I am Olive. You know what Fig stand for? Fucking pig.
SR: Fuck you.
T: HAHAHAHAHA, you know I’m kidding right……
SR: Tsk!
T: Ok ok, you’re not a fig… You’re my hippo!
SR: K, bye, I want to sleep.
T: Hehehehehehe, love you baby…
SR: *still hugs T to sleep*


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