Watching Tiramisu wash the dishes for my family.

Today, my parents organized a doa selamat for Tiramisu and myself to pray that our migration to Melbourne will be a smooth one. It was very sweet of them and my younger sisters to prepare the many different kinds of food (’cause Mum said I’d miss them when I’m away from Singapore), to surprise us with an anniversary cake, and to have all my family members from my maternal side and T’s immediate family gathered to share their experiences in and tips for Melbourne and to wish us well.

Initially, I didn’t like the idea of my parents wanting to carry out this event, as I didn’t want to lecehkan people on a public holiday. But now, I really feel happy, blessed, and grateful that the event took place. There is so much love in my immediate family, and extended ones despite us not meeting very often.

After my relatives left, my family started to clean up the house. It was the first time T’s involved in the clearing up processes after a large family gathering, and I am absolutely thankful to have a very helpful husband who cleans crazy amounts dishes really well 🙂


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