Spending the whole weekend and Monday with T! That’s luxurious, considering that he used to work shift and that he will be working alternate weekends from this week onward…

Friday night


We attended a farewell dinner for Sy and Si at Rubira’s, organised by T’s colleagues. Initially, I was anxious about meeting the new group of people – it’s been a long while since I had to meet a new big bunch of people and interact. But all of them were so lovely, it was easy to warm up quick and just get the conversations going! Plus, it helped that some of them are Singaporeans and Malaysians. I have nothing against the locals, but I took some time to understand what they were saying because they speak really fast. My brain had to work a little harder, but it was worth it ’cause their stories were interesting and funny 😀


p.s. Food at Rubira’s was delicious. A little pricey, but I wouldn’t mind heading there again for a special occasion. I had grilled ocean trout which was fresh and rich! There was no need to dip it in any sauce. It may look small in the photo but it was definitely hearty! (Price: AU$38, comes with chips.)

Saturday afternoon

We checked out South Wharf Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) and the sale there is cray cray! We didn’t shop (’cause we just did in BKK, boo) but it was good to know the prices of the clothes, accessories, home stuffs, etc. Okay, maybe we did shop a little – T got a new cap while I bought some make-up, hehe!

Saturday night till Sunday early morning

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

White Night Melbourne took place and we walked all around the city from Flinders Street all the way to Victoria Street (and back) to look at the various exhibitions/performances. It’s something like Singapore Night Festival but it’s a larger scale, has a lot of buskers singing almost everywhere, and runs from 7pm to 7am. I was disappointed with most of the light displays along the streets because they weren’t very interesting (kudos to Sg Night Fest for making me feel this way), but the one at Melbourne Museum was a delight! And ah, the circus performance there was astounding too! (I’d love to upload videos but I seem to have trouble doing so. Will google on this issue later, hah.)


We got back to the hotel with sore feet – we’ve walked approximately 27,600 steps since Saturday afternoon. And this figure hasn’t taken into account the other city walks I had since Wednesday afternoon. Buttttt hey, no pain, no gain, right? (Either that, or I need a new pair of shoes, one which supports.)

Sunday afternoon

We walked around the city aimlessly, enjoying the sight and sounds. It was pretty lepak… The only ridiculous thing that we encountered was the mega huge H&M outlet at Bourke Street:


3 storeys of beautifully decorated H&M!!! You can’t see much of the interior design here, but I kid you not, each room is instagram-worthy!


We took about 10,300 steps before we decided to call it a day with a juicy lamb burger and sweet potato fries 😛


Moving-into-our-apartment day! It is only fitting to have a whole new post dedicated to such a momentous moment in our lives… So, perhaps I will share more about it tomorrow 😀


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