Laughing before going to bed.

T: You look like a bunga (flower).
Me: *beams* What bunga?
T: Sunflower…
Me: The two times you got me flowers, why are they always sunflowers?
T: Because you look like it – you’re round and getting bigger…
Me: Siallah.
T: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No really, you are like a sun. Cheerful and round…
Me: *sighsssss* Anyway, remember the first set of sunflowers you gave me? You picked from under my block, and I threw them away immediately?
T: Yah, then your neighbour took them and decorated her house. She knew how to appreciate my gift!
Me: HAHAHAHA, whut! You picked up the fake flowers which my other neighbour threw and gave them to me all dusty! Who would wanna keep that?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
T: Your neighbour.
Me: HAHAHAHAHA! And a few years later, you actually gave me an actual sunflower.
T: Yeah, because you so bulat like the sunflower… HAHAHAHAHA!


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