71 to 78

71: Deciding to watch Homeland 

The latest season of Shameless and Orphan Black and You’re The Worst and Game of Thrones and UnReal are not up yet, and we needed something to binge on so we gave Homeland a try and we love it!

72: Celebrating Tiramisu’s birthday 🙂  

73: Cooking our dinner on weekdays and improving my cooking skills!

74: Hanging out on a weekend with T… 

From time to time, he still does his work on his phone because he’s on 24 hours standby.


And while he does his work, I usually take photos and upload online 🙂


76: Watching people dance spontaneously and wondering why Singapore doesn’t have such culture…


75: Eating ice cream instead of proper meal.

We wanted to get a meal ’cause we were hungry after checking out River Graze. However, we stumbled upon a long queue at Big Gay Ice Cream’s van and we ended up queuing like a typical Singaporean (and ’cause I saw photos of them on instagram) and tadaaa, in our hands were a very filling $9 banana split ice cream and a $7 tim tam slam ice cream!

77: Being driven around ’cause T gets to use the company car for 3 weeks 🙂

78: Getting comfort from T when I needed it most…


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