Conversing about lighters.

At about 3pm, when T dropped by to have lunch at home –

T: Bby, where’s my lighter?
Me: How would I know? You can use the kitchen’s fire starter.
T: How come you don’t have a lighter?
Me: Because I don’t smoke..?
T: But you used to keep one for me.
Me: Yah, and then you kept losing my lighters.
T: Tsk.

At about 11.30pm, when T called in randomly just to check on me –

[Hehe, he has been very busy at work since he started covering for his boss, and doesn’t have time to call me (he doesn’t even have time to eat some days, sucks) and I don’t expect him to but I love it when he does!]

T: Jap, I want to ask someone for a lighter.
Me: Okay..
T: Eh, I found a lighter! A bit tacky, has dollar signs all over.
Me: Does it work?
T: Yeah, it works… Did I tell you what happened at 3am yesterday? I bought a lighter at 3am, did I tell you?
Me: Nope..
T: I beli lighter at 3am and lost it by 7am.
Me: WTF??? It’s a sign, Bby. It’s a sign that your stupidity and smoking don’t go.
T: At least I don’t burn holes in my t-shirts anymore…
Me: Yah, you burn yourself. Just last week –
T: Shut up… Anyway, the lighter. I bought it for $3.90 –
Me: WTF, you could get a good cuppa coffee with that!
T: Kan. I just bought a $3.90 coffee. That’s actually the point of the story, a $3.90 lighter.
Me: Can’t you get a lighter from a supermarket? Like, your lighters used to cost 80 cents.
T: Nie bukan Changi Airport, there’s no supermarket here. So yeah, I bought a $3.90 lighter at 3am, smoked one cigarette, lost it at 7am, then I realised that I can just ask from someone else. Wtf, right?
Me: Heh.


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