Week 3 in Melbourne

This whole week has been a busy work one for Tiramisu. He had been called up to go to work at ungodly hours, and except Friday, he had been coming home past 10pm. In addition, he gotta work on this long holiday weekend too. I knew with his absence, I wouldn’t have anyone to chat with. Just last week, it was starting to get lonely with me interacting only with him for 7 days straight (not including the weekly Skype with our families). I had been googling on things to do here, but I couldn’t seem to find the right one until I stumbled a Godsent page – http://www.meetup.com!

Basically, this is a page (there is also a mobile app) in which you can join interest groups to widen your social circle as well as harness a skill. I’d recommend for everybody to use it  since it is not only restricted to people living in Melbourne. So anyway, I joined about 22 groups and picked activities which sounded interesting and I regret nothing! Sure, I had social anxiety of meeting new people ’cause I have an irrational fear that there will be long awkward silences, but all of them turned out better than I had expected 😀

Aside from the meetup activities, I’ve also connected with people, who have links to my cousin-in-law and Tiramisu, for dinner. By sharing the evenings with them, I started to grow some sense of belonging in this new city…

Monday – Yoplait Sunrise Yoga (Free)

This wasn’t a Meetup, but a random activity I decided to sign up for. The event took place in public at Queensbridge Square and I was in a group of people of various ages – in front of me were early 30s ladies, beside me was a 50ish-year-old lady, and behind me was a woman who must at least be 60 years old. I don’t have pictures of this event, but I can tell you that I am amazed by the matured ladies – they are not slim, but their flexibility and strength were incredible! And there I was, terkial-kial (struggling) to get into the correct position, heh.


For this event, I received free breakfast and a really nice bath towel 😀 Free stuffs, who doesn’t love them, right?

Tuesday – Laughing Yoga and Laughing Meditation Meetup (By donation)


I saw ‘laughing’, and I saw ‘yoga’, and I was like, “Hey, that sounds fun!” and indeed it was! What constituted this programme was an hour of body movement and non-stop laughter. Seriously, non-stop HAHA-HEHE-HOHO. It was my first time trying this out and initially, I felt weird and silly, but because everyone was just letting loose together, it felt only natural to go zany! Throughout the activity, I kept on thinking on how my sister, Q, would love this activity. I hope there will be a chance for me to bring her when she comes visit in June…

Oh, on a side note, I wanna share that a homeless guy offered me help when I was got lost before the meetup. It jolted me a bit because he looked very grumpy, but he was very kind probably because I had a slenger bacin nak mampus lost and helpless expression. He reminded me a little of Frank Gallagher, and I’m grateful to have crossed path with him.

Thursday – Zumba Meetup (Free)


I am sad that the public zumba meetup at Fed Square I went for was the last session. It only runs through summer, boo. But hey, at least I get to try, right? And like what the lady beside me said, at least we can say we’ve danced in the rain too 🙂 Haha, it was drizzling quite heavily while we worked out. By the way, I know I look pretty merepek (silly), but don’t laugh or even giggle at the photo! (Tsk, T laughed while looking at all the photos, tsk!)

Friday – Hanging out with two awesome babes


I finally got the chance to meet my cousin-in-law’s good friend, De! And she brought along another friend, Ga, and I had a blast with them 😀 We had delicious pasta and pizza for dinner, over which we learned more about each other. And afterwards, we headed to The Moomba Festival to sightsee the carnival. There were so many crazy rides, which I’m sure T and his guy friends from back home would have enjoyed.

Best part of the carnival was this thing called ‘Silent Disco’. You enter a tent for free, put on a pair of headphones and choose a channel you wanna listen to; there were three channels. And then, you can sing and dance to your heart’s content! Without the headphones, everybody looked corny and ridiculous, but once you have only music in your ears, that’s when you just have fun… Here’s a gif from the video that Ga took:


(It’s a gif ’cause I still can’t figure out why I can’t upload videos, heh.) I hope to meet De and Ga again soon!

Saturday morning – Tan Track Run and Brunch Meetup (Free)


I signed up for this meetup not knowing how far the jog was, but the host, No, sounded so welcoming in the meetup page that I gave it a try. So, just before we started on the track, I asked a fellow runner, Na, about the distance, and she said it is about 4km, and my heart dropped a little. It’s been a couple of months since my last run and here I was, attempting a 4click. Ambitious, hurr hurr. It wasn’t the best run I had (I think I walked half the distance), but I’m glad I finished it nevertheless 🙂

After the run, we spent some time just chatting with one another. I didn’t get to talk to everybody, but I learned so much from the ones I did. It was super fun, and hopefully I’ll get to meet them weekly. And hopefully, T will be able to join us too…

Saturday evening – Chilling with T’s musician friends 


Alas, we got to lepak with orang Melayu and bebual Melayu and makan satay sedap! I’ve never met with these friends of T before (apart from watching The Stoned Revivals play a gig once, but even so, it was from afar), so it was nice to hear them reminisce about their past. It was also honestly inspiring to hear about their journey of migrating to Aussie. They’ve got courage which I doubt I can muster. We chilled at Ma’s backyard till dark and cold, sharing random things and getting tips on where to shop for winter clothing. Ma said that when winter comes, it’s gonna be depressing and gloomy….. How liddat? Gotta stock up on those layers asap.


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