We finally have WiFi again!

Our WiFi connection at home was disconnected sometime last week, and we’ve only got it up again today 😀 It’s not that we couldn’t live without internet, but life is definitely sweeter when we can go online…

Anyway, last weekend was a blast with fun-filled activities! Tiramisu finally got some free time from work and we maximised it as much as we can… Here are some highlights –


We started out with T having a fresh haircut. His hair had been too long for a long time to the point that my father-in-law urged him to cut his hair quick whenever we skyped for the past two weeks. We managed to find a great alternative to The Panicroom SG at Mensroom Barber Shop Docklands. The barber was friendly, took his time to cut T’s hair professionally and precisely, and he charged the same rate at $35. T was happy with the service, and I was happy with his new haircut 😀

Later that day, we headed to Brighton Beach to check out the bathing boxes. When we reached the carpark, we had second thoughts of whether we really wanted to go down to the beach. It was sunny, but the wind was mighty. Maybe I’m exaggerating but the trees looked like they could uproot anytime! We deliberated for a long while before deciding to just do it. It was cold af, but the boxes were lovely and it was totally worth going through the wind to just admire the colourful structures… And the surfer dude’s insane for surfing in the cold, hurr hurr.


We were super hungry when we got home and so, we cooked up T’s favourite dish: Mutton Beef Chop! We followed his mother’s recipe as closely as we can (since everything according to her is agak-agak) and we successfully created a wonderful dish 😛 So proud of T for cooking something other than instant noodles or spaghetti!

20160318_184822 copy

We rested for a while after dinner before heading out to explore the city…


The other time, Pu recommended us to visit Footscray, so we did! We look-see-look-see the various shops, bought Lingam chili sauce and uncooked prawn crackers, and felt as though we were not at Melbourne. There was a strong Asian feel to the place. Most of the grocery shops were owned by Chineses/Vietnameses/Thais and there were, of course, a lot of Asians walking around. And around one of the corners, the atmosphere changed with a lot of Indian/Middle-Eastern Muslims hanging out with family and friends. It was pretty interesting.

We had two memorable experiences at Footscray. One is eating at 8bit, the burger place which is highly recommended online. We got ourselves a vegetarian burger, I Up Mushroom Burger, and onion rings, and eating them was like having a party in our mouths! This was T’s first time having such burger and my second, and we now understand the craze of why people are into burgers without beef. (I had a veg burger in Singapore and it tasted disgusting.)

20160319_162534 copy

The second awesome experience was shopping at Savers! Ma suggested for us to find our winter clothes there. Savers is basically a thrift store chain offering second hand shopping. They sell books, shoes, accessories, clothes, etc… I managed to find 3 jackets which cost me less than AU$50! It felt like an accomplishment, getting these amongst the many clothes.

20160319_222155 copy

Unfortunately, T couldn’t find a nice fitting jacket because there were so limited choices for men his size. We shall shop for his jackets at another Savers (or maybe just get from Uniqlo) soon… Speaking of Uniqlo, we wanted to shop there for Heattech innerwears at 6pm only to realise that it closes at 6pm daily. This is probably one of the things I miss about Singapore: Shops do not close early back home and I can shop at the heartland mall till 10pm.

On the way home, my sister skyped me and to my surprise, my aunt was there too! We had a good chat 😀 Haha, here’s a funny screenshot, with Q blocking my dad’s face:



God knows why, but we decided to go swimming when we woke up. The season’s changing with the temperature going down to 10 to 15 degrees. We knew that it was going to be chilly, but we just went on with it ’cause it would probably be our first and last time in the pool, before the temperature drops more. Did I regret doing it? Slightly… Being in the pool was nice, and I enjoyed the jacuzzi section very much. But to climb out of the pool after soaking for almost an hour, now that’s just torturous. Nevertheless, it was fun! T swam a few laps while I did half a lap, haaaaha. Like I’ve said, I really loved the jacuzzi 😀

We went to Queen Victoria Market afterwards. T was pretty jakun since it was his first trip there. He wanted to buy everything and anything! It was adorable but I had to stop him once we’ve covered the things we needed for the week. Also, one of his advantages of him following me to the market is he gets to request for the dishes to be cooked for the week. And one of the dishes he wanted was prawns with cereal… So when we got home, I granted his wish:


We made our way to Saint Kilda Beach at about 6pm. The view when the sun set was magnificent. The sky kept changing hues and the pink blue gradient one was my favourite! The girly princess in me got excited as it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty’s dress at the ball, hehe!!!


We sat at the pier for almost an hour before the creatures which we waited for waddled up, right in front of us! What were the chances, with so many people at the pier, that the first two penguins which turned up, made their way to the beach just before our eyes? They were sooooooo cute! One of them then climbed to a rock and became a model for everyone…


On the way home, I realised that human beings are not only racist and sexist, but also creature-ist. We saw seagulls and rats at the beach, but nobody gave a shit about them. Only penguins were celebrated. I could go on with a deep discussion about this, but it would be too serious for this post, so nah…

When we reached home, I fried sweet potatoes for us to snack while playing Fallout 4. We played a couple of hours before retiring to bed. It was a really awesome weekend and we’ll get to have this again in a couple of weeks 😀


Okay, this did not happen last weekend but I want to record it down. So remember this post (https://sbrxoxo.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/79/) on lighters? I was out and about in the city early last week and I got him a $2.50 gift:

Yup… 4 lighters cost $2.50 only. Obviously, he chattered about how rude I was to present him this, but he appreciated the gesture 🙂 Now I have to carry around the pink one with me whereever, heh heh.


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