Stating ridiculously rude comments about each other ’cause that’s how we roll.

Trust issues

Me: Of course lah I don’t trust you.
T: I trust you seh. I trust you on everything!
Me: Oh really…?
T: Yeah, I trust you to.. be.. a.. bitch.. HAHAHA.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *laughs a bit too much and too long because it was really funny (and real)*
T: Faster lah, I want to watch the next episode.


Me: How they know which way is north?
T: North, south, east, west to them is like right, left to us. Eh, no. It’s like right, left to me. Maybe it’s like top, bottom to you. You know which way is top and bottom, right?? HAHA!
Me: Annoyinggg…


*On TV, Martha Boyd: There’s a theory, men secretly fear their wives are crazy and women secretly fear their husbands are losers.*
Me: What secret? You know I’m crazy, and I know you’re a loser. What else to fear then?
T: Hurr. But yeah, you’re crazy…

Chicken skins

Me: Do you still want the pears?
T: No.
Me: Why you don’t want healthy snacks but want the fatty food?
T: That’s why I want you! You’re my fatty food, like chicken skin, full of fats.
Me: Tsk…


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