Week 6 in Melbourne

Today is one of those days which Tiramisu and I have planned to do exciting things, only to be hijacked by his work. Hurr hurr.

Anyway, the past few days were fulfilling and my tummy is full with fatty filling. Heh heh.


Before leaving Singapore, I told my close cousins and friends that I gotta be healthier (or should I just say, healthy since I wasn’t fit to begin with?) when living abroad. Because of that, one of the things I did was to sign up for this 8-weeks fitness challenge called “Autumn Body Transformation“, organized by Healthy Lifestyle Lounge. Essentially, you pay AU$20 and you’ll get these:

  • Online support group
  • Personalized meal plan
  • 1:1 support from your coach
  • Nutrition workshop
  • Mindset workshop
  • Online education and recipes
  • Access to free fitness sessions and fun team activities
  • Body composition scan at the start and end with weekly follow up

So on Tuesday, I met with my coach, Sie, and we measured my fitness level. These are my results:

  • Body Fat Range: 24.7% – Between healthy (22.0%) and medium (25.4%)
  • Body Water Range: 52.3% – Normal
  • Muscle Mass: 38.4kg – Physique rating is normal (standard)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate: 1246 calories
  • Basal Metabolic Age: 16 years old
  • Bone Mass: 2.1kg – Less than normal (2.4kg)
  • Visceral Fat: 2 – Excellent

Overall, I’m not in a bad state, but obviously, there is room for improvement. I’ve already started running 3 times a week, covering a distance of 3km to 5km each session. This is a huge ass change from before, and it makes me feel good 🙂 Sie recommended that I go for circuit trainings so yeah, I will probably head for some of those soon.

I think the biggest obstacle to this is my eating habits. I can curb on the snacks but to not eat my high sugar breakfast (i.e. bread or cereal) and my high carb dinner (i.e. rice with asian dishes) is something I have to sincerely ask myself if I’m ready to say no to them.

Like for example, I ate a prata and biryani combo (AU$11), with teh tarik (AU$2.50), for dinner that night. It’s super damn sedap, so yeah, how to say no to this?


At noon, I went for an interview to be an events officer volunteer at this awesome organization which aims to eradicate poverty. It’s been more than 2 years since I stood before a panel, persuading them to believe that I’m the perfect one for the job, so the interview was a slightly nerve-wrecking experience. I did not expect the interview for a volunteer role to be very intensive, but it was and gah, I am competing against 5 other candidates. I think it went okay, but I’m not sure if I shone enough, so I’ll just await for the results in 2 weeks. Hopefully I get it!

T knocked off work on time (oh, what rare times!) and we headed to Queen Victoria Market for the last day of the Night Market. There were so many food from all over the world sold at the event, and I chose to try the Spanish seafood paella. It was expensive (AU$13) but I’ve not tried food from Spain, so why not, right? Plus, all the other food served were around that price anyway. We also bought some donuts (AU$5.50 for 5 pieces) from American Doughnut Kitchen and my goodness, BEST DONUTS EVER! Now I understand why it always has long queues when I do my weekly shopping at the market.

Again, this begs the question of how to say no to fatty food? Heh heh. Oh, just to share, the sugarcane juice here cost AU$6 a cup and it tastes very mild. I want my S$1.50 strong sugarcane from Bedok Corner…


I had another interview for a teaching assistant volunteering position and I guess I nailed it ’cause I got the offer today! It’s a coding class for students aged 9 to 12, and I think it’s going to be pretty fun and a great learning journey 😀 All I need now is to get my Working With Children card, and I’m set to start!

20160401_011425Also, we had our first guest at our place! Ry was gonna be in the city for a night and we invited him over for dinner. T was super excited when Ry updated us a week ago that he was flying in. And haha, we almost didn’t get to meet, but thankfully Fa (who was in Singapore) was able to help us and things went smoothly after…

It was a lovely night, catching up and reminiscing our Phuket trip and having the both of them share the ridiculous things that they face at work. I’m glad he came over 😀 Now, this makes me anticipate 2 May even more, when CC4Lyfe come over to stay for a week!


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