Wasting $15 to layan Tiramisu.

At home, 9pm:

T: Let’s watch Batman v Superman.
Me: Really?
T: Yeah…
Me: It’s going to be stupid. Ratings suck, and you know I don’t like these kinda movies.
T: Ok…
Me: How about Eddie The Eagle?
T: It’s not a blockbuster movie.
Me: Oklah, oklah, we go watch Batman Superman lah

On the way to Tampines Mall, 10.30pm:

T: You sure you wanna watch Batman v Superman?
Me: I don’t wanna watch it, but you do, so let’s go watch it.
T: But I want only if you want.
Me: Bby, you know how I like to layan you, right? *inserts a few examples* So this is one of it, and let’s do this.
T: Ok… Anyway, you sure you’re not sleepy? *referring to my earlier yawns*
Me: I am, but with food later, I’ll be okay.

In the cinema, 12.45am (Movie started at 11pm):

*Both suffering in cold ’cause there weren’t many people in the cinema and the cold drinks we had after our food dropped our body temperature even more* *Also, I kept yawning*
T: It’s really cold, I’m freezing.
Me: Yeah, me too. *sitting on my palms and feet*
T: Do you wanna leave?
Me: You sure?
T: Yeah.
Me: Ok…

So yeah, we left before the movie ended. And we realised that I may be going through slight jet lag due to the 3 hours time difference.


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