Week 8 in Melbourne

Last Friday, my phone decided to die on me. I left it in the room and when I came back with the intention to text Tiramisu, I found the screen freezing on start-up page. Initially, I thought it must have auto-updated (which in itself was odd since usually it prompts me when it requires that), but after half hour, the screen didn’t change. I started to panic. I had plans to meet people and WhatsApp was how I usually connect with them, so it was super leceh to have my phone down. Fortunately, I’ve got them on Facebook, or else I don’t know how to contact them since I don’t remember their phone numbers…

I tried to restart the phone again and again. A couple of times, it responded and started the normal way, but those times were short-lived. Ugh, it was so frustrating! I have my life stored in the piece of shit only 6 months old phone. Most terrible thing is that I’ve not transferred my photos over to my laptop….. Gah, all wasted all wasted!! That really made me sad. It’s a good lesson to me though – next time, I should be more diligent on transferring the photos regularly or I should get an SD card to store all the photos. Ugh.

The cute thing that came out of this horrible situation was my niece’s manner of comforting by sending over photos of her “paper handphone”, haha!

The past week has been pretty uneventful. Most of the nights, T and I played Fallout 4 or watched The Returned. And oh, one of the nights, I finally stopped procrastinating and sewed the button on T’s work shirt. I kept postponing to do it for 3 weeks already and T got annoyed so he made me do it in front of him, haha!

We went for a couple of dates too! One was dinner at Sarti, a semi-atas Italian restaurant. We had a gorgeous looking and delicious filled tomato, and a small plate of quail and duck for starters. (Sigh, no photos to show due to faulty phone). And for the main, we had seafood squid ink pasta. It was an interesting taste, as the crab pieces and roe were really fresh and flavourful…

The other mini date we had was chilling at Guylian cafe. The hot chocolate was expectedly rich in taste! What we didn’t expect was the large amount – we paid AU$6.90 for a cup, but what we received was a pot of it which we could have shared…


Something occurred on Sunday, and while I hope it won’t happen again, I think it happened for good reasons, such as being more disciplined and having T cook his number one dish, hehe!




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