Week 9 in Melbourne

Time in Melbourne has been spent better when I started to schedule my hours seriously and stuck to the plans. Before this, I procrastinated a lot and was at home on most days. But since last Monday, I’ve been out and about, going for random talks and signing up for classes πŸ™‚

One of the seriously scheduled act is to exercise at least an hour, 6 times a week. T was saying that I have all the time in the world, and I should really focus on my health regime, and I gotta agree with him. I hit the gym when I wake up in the morning, and there are days when I dragged myself there but the result of working out is amazing – it always makes me happier and more energised πŸ˜€ The photo on the right is from Facebook, and I relate so well with it, hah!

Friday is my favourite day ’cause that’s when I can finally date T out the whole day! Okay, we didn’t get to date the whole day last week as T had to go back to work in the evening, but we had a really enjoyable time in the day. I brought T to Port Melbourne and we tried out the highly recommended cafe called My Sister Says. While the coffee was so-so, the food made up for it! I had the amazing Dukkah Eggs while T had tasty Zucchini Pea and Mint Fritters with smoked salmon πŸ˜› After brunch, we walked by Sandridge Beach and its serenity encouraged us to have deep discussion on the changes. We had such a good time there, we forgot to take photos, heh!

Two of our good friends flew in to Melbourne on Friday night and Saturday morning! Because T worked late the night before, he could squeeze some time to have brunch with us at The Grain Store. Catching up with them while eating hearty food made T and I feel as though we were having our normal casual fortnight hangout sessions with them in Singapore. I guess no matter where you place us, as long as we have our close friends or family around, we can feel home.


When we were done with our savoury meals, the boys continued hanging out while the girls went shopping at Southwharf DFO. We bought a few things, but my favourite had to be the iPhone stickers πŸ˜€ As you know, my phone died on me and now I’m using a spare phone – my old smashed iPhone 5S. It’s really in the most atrocious state, and omg, the camera really sucks against my LG G4, but I gotta make do for a couple of months. So the sticker, while cheesy, still cheers me up whenever I use the phone now…

Ai’s flight out was on Saturday evening while Ha’s flight out was Sunday morning. Hence, T and I invited Ha over for dinner. I tried out some recipe I thought of in my head, with the intention of cooking beef sambal. Hahahahahaha, the boys were really mean when they saw the colour of the dish, going where’s the sambal??? Whatever. The dish was really good nonetheless and I’ll probably have to think of a new name for it, hahahaha!


We went for a game of Risk after filling our tummy, and boyyyyy, do I suck at it. Ha gave me sympathy throughout the game, letting me dominate South Africa, while he battled closely with T. Luck was absolutely not on my side, since the numbers were constantly small on my rolled dice, so how to play tactically liddat, right? I lost all my troops in Asia and the game ended with Ha having 20 territories, T having 14, and me struggling pathetically with 8, hahaha!

On Sunday night, I had dinner with a new group of friends πŸ˜€ Si had linked me up with her friends here and we finally met up when time permitted. We ate at Vegie Bar, and I had this monstrous nachos dish. I was taken by surprise when the super big dish was served. The toppings, especially the beans, were berlemak (how do you say that in English?) but obviously, I didn’t finish it. It’s too bad there is a policy of no packing food back home, hurr. T joined us only for desserts afterwards as he was caught up with work. Hanging out with these couples was delightful! Learned more about them, about Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to do more things with them – like shopping at South Melbourne Market or lawn bowling or making coffee πŸ˜€


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