Receiving romantic surprises from Tiramisu 😀

For no apparent reason, he bought me a bouquet of pretty pink roses yesterday, hehe!

*T enters the door and presents me with the flowers*
Me: *gasp and immediately beam* Where did you get the roses from?!
T: Someone threw it away and I picked it up. *referring to this*
Me: Are you serious???
T: No lah, tsk…
Me: Haha, with you, I’d never know for sure!

~15 minutes later~

T: So are you happy with the flowers?
Me: Of course!
T: But you takde (have no) reaction pun… Or rather, your reaction was scepticism.
Me: HAHAHA! So, why did you buy me roses? Why pink? *go on with many other whys*
T: You just reminded me why I don’t get you flowers………

~ An hour later ~

Me: Hehe, I got flowers today… I GOT FLOWERS TODAY! I GOT PINK FLOWERS TODAY!!!
T: Again, you remind me why I don’t get you flowers, so annoying.
Me: HAHAHA, you know me what. Hahaha, what kinda reaction did you expect from me?  HEHE!


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