Week 10 in Melbourne

This is possibly the most expensive week thus far. BUT all expenses are worth it, hehe! Can’t keep up with this though, or I’ll go broke, hurr.

$50 hair cut

For the past year, I’ve been contemplating if I should snip off my hair but every time I “decided” to do it, I chickened out in the end ’cause I was scared I will look like a fishball. Heh. Early last week, I woke up and the first thought was to just do it (not sure how the idea came up randomly), and so, I did! I searched for the best hair salon since there were soooo much at stake, and found Sui Salon, and booked an appointment, and received an amiable and professional service from Ki Woo 😀 It’s a huge change but I am very happy with the hair cut and so is T!


$40 boots

I blame Ri and Ai for this purchase! It’s the first time I hang out with these two ladies and after a heavenly lunch at a vietnamese restaurant, they brought me to Highpoint Mall. I intended to only window-shop, but there was a sale at Novo and my new friends were very encouraging, haha! No regrets though, the boots were beautiful and quite comfortable 🙂

$34.30 Adidas top x 2

Lol, I blame De and Ga for this purchase! (HAHA, obviously in denial and not wanting to take responsibility on my spontaneous buys.) We were supposed to have brunch, but we ended up walking around Fitroy before eating and found ourselves in the Adidas outlet store. Items were already on discount and there was a further 30% discount, so it was an awesome bargain, right? One top in a Singapore sale probably cost S$30, so yeah, of course it was!


$7.50 flipbook

T and I were walking around the city on Friday and he needed a toilet break, so we dropped by ACMI for its washroom. There, we stumbled upon a free exhibition which had pretty cool interactive stuffs. And haha, somehow we got ourselves before a camera and made this $15 souvenir:


Sucha touristy thing to do, haha!


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