Week 11 in Melbourne with CC!

CC = Clingy Cousins. Such a cringe worthy label but it’s stuck on us somehow. We’ve got a colourful history behind how we started as classmates to best friends and ended up as family, but I’m not sure how “CC” came to life exactly, hurr hurr.

Anyway, yes, half the CC flew in to spend a week with us! It’s one of the events that I’ve been looking forward to ’cause who doesn’t like it when your favourite people are visiting you? Plus, who doesn’t love it when breakfast is served daily instead of you serving it? Hehe! Seriously, Ya makes the best omelette and Za does great plating! Here are some of the yummy food prepared by them:

We went shopping on Day 1. Before they arrived, we’ve warned them that shopping will be a day’s affair. They didn’t believe until we tired our legs from a whole day of purchasing great buys at South Wharf, of which wasn’t enough! We continued to shop on Day 4 in the city and Day 5 at Harbour Town, haha! Okay, I did the least amount of shopping since I had splurged last week – I got myself a couple of less than 5 bucks clothing, and a $50 Herschel backpack 😀 I am very happy with my new stuffs and so are they!

We stopped by some cafes/restaurants to have snacks/proper meals in between shopping. I think Ya and Za’s most-liked one is San Churros, for the obvious reasons… We didn’t take much before-eating photos at the cafes/restaurants, but here’s one of the very few:

Day 2 and Day 3 were exceptional for me… They were the days we drove out of town to experience the Great Ocean Road! No, it’s not that I have anything against the city, but it’s nice to get out of the everyday environment. The views were nothing short of spectacular! Sure, I’ve seen amazingly pretty beaches at Phuket and Bali, but I’ve not seen such rich hues of blue ocean and sky! Plus, the weather was perfect – we didn’t sweat at all despite being by the beach 😀 (And thankfully it wasn’t rainy either.)


We visited a couple of touristy sights along the way. One was Aireys Inlet. We intended to go up the lighthouse, but after snapping some photos and reading small bits of history, we decided not to spend AU$14 pp on it.

Another one was Erskine Falls. This was a disappointing waterfall ’cause we expected it to be bigger and better. Like c’mon, so many people gave high ratings on TripAdvisor, ugh. But we cheered ourselves up by taking merepek photos like these:

Ok lah, here is us with the “stunning” waterfall:


We checked into our Top Lodge at Seafarers Getaway at about 6pm. The apartment looked exactly the same as the photos which are posted on their website! Minimalistic yet cosy. And the view which we got was breath-taking… The photo below doesn’t do justice, but yeah, that’s our panoramic view.


We had delicious BBQ food for dinner! Ya’s been wanting to barbecue by the ocean, so here’s one crossed off from his bucket list 😀


And after filling our tummies, we sat under a blanket of starry sky. I can’t decide if I love looking at the ocean more or the endless amount of diamonds sparkling at night. Gawd, they were beautiful. Sadly, our cameras were not good enough to capture the glorious beauty.

When the cold finally caught up with us, we went back into the apartment and sat by the fireplace. Being a Singaporean who live in apartments all my life, I was super jakun by it 😀  What I’d like to see in future is the brick fireplace in a cabin. TV may have romanticise it, but it doesn’t hurt to wanna try, right?

20160504_214536 copy

The view was as magnificent when we woke up the next day…


After being astounded by the sunrise, we got ambitious, thinking that it was a splendid idea to have enjoy food and nature in the open air. We set our breakfast outdoor, captured some photos, sat down for 5 minutes, realised it was too cold, moved into the warm indoor, and ate our bagels and eggs in peace, haha!


And then, we hit the road again and headed to 12 Apostles. The road was more inland – Green pastures and cows and kambings greeted us at every turn. T and I wondered how the idiom “as lazy as a pig” came about, considering the animals we saw were practically doing nothing but eat and sit or stand still, hurr hurr.

20160505_100023  ezgif.com-video-to-gif-6

I don’t really know how to appreciate 12 Apostles much, but the view was definitely picturesque. I think what made the ocean looked grander that morning was the placement and the shapes of the clouds…

After selfie-ing and wefie-ing and taking macam paham landscape shots, we made our way to Colac for a quick meal. And we continued our journey to my favourite Melbourne beach – Brighton Beach! Weather was better than the first time T and I visited. We took so many silly shots, some WTF-LMAO ones too, but here are the photos that won’t hurt your eyes or make you nauseous, haha. (Btw, the crab there represents the guys’ close friend, Ha Ketam, haha!)

We dropped by a cake shop at Saint Kilda’s before heading home. The cakes looked very appetising but the awesomeness just stopped on the visual level. They were dense and too sweet. Never going to trust that pretty cakes translate to tasty cakes, heh. And never going to look over-excited to the point that I can’t see my eyes again too, heh heh.

20160505_175903 copy

So that marked the end of the two days adventure 😀 But that’s not the end of Ya and Za’s holiday. Melbourne has countless amount of festivals, so it is not right for my cousins to come over without getting a feel of a local festival. Hence, we headed to the Wicked Chocolate Festival at Prahran Market! Our eyes feasted on the treats, while our mouths enjoyed the free samples, Baci ice cream, and chocolate crepes 😀

Unfortunately, the week wasn’t forever and their holiday did have to end eventually. I’m grateful to have them staying with us, cracking lame ass jokes, sharing ridiculous TMI stories, saying mega rude things about one another with the rudest one being #MukePecah, watching Homeland/Orphan Black/Brooklyn Nine-Nine, spilling Lingam in the car, reminiscing the past, talking about the future, discussing hypothetical situations like “If you can only have 7 items in your house, what would they be?”, feeling home, feeling loved. We shall meet again in July 😀



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