Shaking heads at each other.

Situation 1

*T tossing and turning in bed, obviously having a nightmare. I wake him up*
Me: What was your nightmare about?
T: It’s so scary, I will tell you later after I bathe.
Me: What was your scary nightmare about?
T: It’s really scary. *pauses* There were two of you.
Me: *give deadpan look*
T: Omg, HAHAHAHA, I didn’t mean to be rude! But it was scary. Like, I was in our room, lying in bed with you, and when I turned around, there was another you! So scary!
Me: Tsk. *shake head*

Situation 2

T: So guess what company # was making?
Me: 200k?
T: Huh? If company ++ was making 900 million, and company # is making more, how can it be 200, 000?
Me: Oh yah. 2,000 million then.
Me: Two-thousand million lah.
T: HUH??? Where got such thing?
Me: Got what… After hundreds is thousands…
T: Bby, you’ve only been out of work for 3 months tau. What is after millions?
Me: HAHA, trillion..? Omg, my brain is dead.
T: After million. Ten, hundred, blah blah, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million, next?
Me: Omg, billion! BILLION!
T: Tsk. *shakes head*


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