Week 12 in Melbourne

Wowz, we’ve been here for over 3 months already? Time flies by so fast, too fast! But I guess that’s a great indicator that T and I are enjoying our time here… Oh, I can’t imagine how we would feel when we need to move away from Melbourne in months to come. Hopefully the next country will be as exciting and as beautiful, wish us luck!


Anyway, Week 12 was a really lively week 🙂

1. I got myself to a 5 hours barista course! T has always told me that coffee making is fun – he was a barista in his teenage years – but I didn’t think I would enjoy it since I never liked coffee much. But lo and behold, when we moved to Melbourne, coffee tasted great and I decided to give the course a go. I did some research and settled with Australian Barista School since the certificate given at the end of the lesson is nationally recognised. The instructor has a well-rounded knowledge of coffee and coffee machines, and her teaching and coffee making skills were impeccable. When the lesson concluded, I can safely say that I can make good coffee BUT hahaha, I need to practice on the art.


2. Look:


Do you think whatever this bunny is doing is easy? Haha, if you’re thinking that I have signed myself up for pole dancing classes, you’re right! But heh, if your answer to my question is ‘Yea, that’s easy peasy’, you’re so wrong… Honestly, I don’t know what my thought process was that led me to attend this class. I’ve always have some respect for pole dancers ’cause they make dancing and spinning looks so effortlessly sexy. And I know a lot of strength training goes into making that happen. So perhaps, it’s me wanting to work my muscles while having fun and learning new skills were the reasons.

T was shocked when I told him about it, but as usual, he supported my decision. But hehehe, he had to listen to me complain non-stop after my first class ’cause I struggled horribly. Damn, working the pole is hard. Torturous, even. My muscles ached and my skin got sore after an hour of dancing. I even had a blue black on my knee ’cause I fell clumsily. And don’t get me started with my hands-legs coordination! I now hold higher respect for pole dancers.

But ok lah, I went to my second class yesterday and I’m getting better at it. Watching youtube videos on pole dancing and working out to PopSugar at home helped. And oh, my posture got a hell lot better after my first lesson, so girls and boys, if you’re looking out for something to straighten that posture and strengthen your body, pole dancing’s for you!


3. I get to go on a 3-days date with T! We spent a lot of our time eating and walking around the city. Gah, I’ll never get sick of exploring new places to nomnomnom at…

We had two conversations worth noting down on this blog. One of it was us being 6.75 years together. We’re not a fan of celebrating monthsery, but I still am amused at myself for being with the same person for more than 6 months. Before meeting him, boys used to bore me pretty quickly and I never thought I’d be able to commit myself to a proper relationship, let alone marriage. But heh heh, T proved otherwise and I’m grateful for that 🙂

The other conversation was our hopes for the next location(s) we’d be posted to. We each had a top 3 list of our desired destinations with mine being 1) Bali, 2) Amsterdam, 3) Japan or Korea (I couldn’t decide!). The conversation sure made us psyched for the future but we’re not ready to leave Melbourne just yet.

4. On Sunday, we hosted an early dinner at our place for Mi and Er, and supper for Ha 😀 I love hanging out with friends, new and old. You’ll always get to learn new things and carry out new activities together, like randomly watching a horrifying thriller movie. (I swear, the killings were outrageous, especially when one guy died as his head/skull/brain got blended.) And having people at our place always means that T and I get to practice and improve our cooking and plating abilities, haha! We hope our guests enjoyed the food prepared, and I really loved the chocolate pie which Mi baked 🙂 To more meet ups!



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