Week 13 in Melbourne

The previous week had been pretty uneventful. They’re the kinda days which you just sail by yet still feel contented that you’re alive and no worries are clouding your mind…

About a month ago, one of T’s colleagues jokingly (I think) asked me to cook for her, as she was intrigued by the smell of T’s home cooked lunches. I wasn’t confident of my cooking back then, since I’ve only started cooking proper for two months. But last Thursday, I decided to give it a shot to prepare a meal for T’s office. It wasn’t perfect^ but T and his colleagues seemed to enjoy it, so that’s a relief 🙂

^ I’m pretty critical, screw that, I’m damn critical of my efforts and it’s hard to meet my own standards, hurr. T agrees, heh heh. At times, it works well for me. Other times, it’s a pain in the ass. In a related news, I cooked a perfect tomato ayam yesterday night. *high five to myself* Hehe!


T and I headed out a few times last week. We went to an arcade for some cheap thrills. Okay, it wasn’t that cheap, but it was thrilling nonetheless! The children in us played basketball, Daytona, air hockey, and a few others. We sucked at most of the games and we ended up collecting only 25 tickets. That’s really pathetic, so pathetic that the guy who was trading our tickets for the candy (yeah, 25 tickets translated to one candy) gave us two candies… That gesture made us reallllllly happy, too happy! Thinking back, haha, we were an embarrassment. Hahahaha!

We also went to watch a stand-up comedy called The Birds & The Beats by Grant Busé. It was a good night of laughter, nothing spectacular, just simple, light-hearted, comical education on sex. The event took place at this theatre, The Butterfly Club, which has rooms filled with antiques – you step into it and you’d forget that it’s 2016… There’re so many items from the past and it annoyed me that apart from admiring the messy beauty, the question, “How do they keep this place dust free?!” kept nagging at the back of my head. Heh. The theatre also has a cosy rooftop and I wouldn’t mind lepaking there again if the weather isn’t so cold.

The last thing we did out was having Korean supper with T’s colleague and his group of Korean friends. It’s always interesting to hear the background of how people decided to start a new life in Melbourne. I mean, I don’t think it’s normal for people to do that in Singapore. Most of my families and close friends are building their lives back home, and I don’t think they have the intention to leave. So yeah, it’s amazing how people just migrate and y’know, just begin anew. I’m sure they’ve gone through a lot of struggles, and that’s what made it even inspiring. Anyway, the boys ordered fish and soup and pancake. Ta said the pancake wasn’t Korean enough (the pancake came later, so it’s not in the photo) and I wonder what the authentic one would taste like. And hah, the soup that we had tasted very much like the gulai my mum cooks, yummy 😛



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