Having discussions with T when he sleep talks.

One of it went like this –

T: Guess my age!^
Me: Hmm what?
T: Guess my age…
Me: I don’t know. What is it?
T: *snores*

Another one:

T: Lawanye… (So pretty…)^
Me: Hmm, siape? (who?)
T: See-Tee.
Me: Siti mane? (Which Siti?)
T: The city lah…
Me: Er, where are we?
T: Australia.
Me: Oh okay. You sayang I tak? (Do you love me?)
T: Sayang lah… (Yes, I do…) *pulls my face to his neck and hugs me as he goes back to proper deep sleep*

^I’m a light sleeper so when he or anything makes an out of ordinary sound, I’d wake up pretty easily. It’s not so fun when I can’t sleep back, especially when I’m exhausted. Heh heh.


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