Week 14 in Melbourne

Last week was another chill pill week. I think I’ve finally gotten used to the everyday routine here and it’s nice to settle in. It’s a lot more laid back than what life was in Singapore, and I had trouble adjusting to it initially, but yeah, I enjoy it quite a bit now…

Anyway, T and I finally received the DeLonghi Icona coffee machine we purchased online a week earlier! We bought one of the cheaper machines ’cause we probably won’t bring it along when we move, and to our delight, it works pretty great! Not the best like the ones he used at his old workplace or the one I used at my class, but we like it a lot 😀 I think we enjoy frothing milk more than anything, so whatever drink that requires milk, we’d steam it just for the sake of getting the thick and creamy foam 😛 That being said, we still have a lot to improve on – from having the correct amount of ground coffee, to the ratio of coffee, milk and foam, to the coffee art. And we need proper cups. Not sure if we’ll invest in those though.

We plan to get a sturdier and smarter coffee machine when we get our own place. (Haha, the current one is a little noisy and doesn’t hold the cups steadily and doesn’t automatically cut the water when the espresso is done. But what did we expect when we paid less than $160 for it, right?) So super excited for that! We’d have pretty cups and heavy glasses and cute teaspoons and a range of coffee and tea and milk and hehe, I could go on… *dreamy*

T and I dated out a couple of times last week, trying out new restaurants. We had burgers and milkshake at Merrywell. The peanut butter milkshake was absolutely devine! It’s silky with bits of peanut crunch, and surprisingly not muak at all, yummm 😛

We also tried sushi and don at the japanese shop opposite Hardware Societe. I didn’t catch the name. Back story: We wanted to eat at MacD for breakfast, but apparently we were late for it. We reached the outlet at 10.24am and they were already serving lunch. I asked the staff what time breakfast ends and she said it ends at 10.30am daily. Hurr hurr. So T suggested we eat at Hardware Societe instead. We made our way there and hoho, the queue was crazy long. We were too hungry to wait so we popped by the shop nearby and filled our tummies. They were not disappointed 😀

We also finally met up with our good friend’s brother, Ra! He moved here a few days before us, and we’ve been meaning to meet sooner, but we got caught up with stuffs and all. So yeah, we met and had a chillax night out sharing our experiences of relocating and recommending to one another of places to go to 🙂 I know Ri and Ra are brothers but I didn’t expect their voices to be the same – if I wasn’t looking at Ra, I’d think it’s Ri. Hah!


Speaking of our close friends in Singapore, CC sent us a photo which made me drool:


McSpicy burger is the best chicken burger and McNuggets’ curry sauce is the best curry sauce to pair with nuggets, and I miss these, amongst other Singapore food. Uploading this photo here is making me crave for them so badly… Haha, this is probably the only reason why I’d want July to come fast!


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