Remembering the rare moments of T needing to get medical care.

This happened a month ago –

T: So the doctor asked if I have any children.
Me: What did you say?
T: I wanted to say that I got a childish wife.
Me: Hah!
T: But I said no. So she asked me how did this happen, and I just said it was an accident. She didn’t ask much after that. Can you imagine if I said it was you who did this?
Me: She’d probably think I’m an abusive wife, haha!
T: Memang
Me: Heh, it was your fault that happened! Plus, it was unintentional!
T: Nasib got insurance and it cost me less than fifty. I thought I had to pay hundreds for it.
Me: Yah, so next time, don’t tickle me until liddat. Heh.


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