Week 15 in Melbourne

Week 15 has been super social for me! The younger me would be so proud of the current me for conquering the irrational social anxieties of making new friends and having hearty hours long of conversations!


The night before, I found out via Instagram that one of my university friends was in Melbourne and I decided to text her to ask if she wanted to meet up. It was a long shot ’cause we’ve not hanged out for more than 2 years and I wasn’t sure of her holiday plans. But she replied positively and we spent the afternoon over hot chocolate and shopping, catching up on the many things that had happened 🙂 We also agreed that the biggest factor of why we didn’t meet up was because I stayed and worked in the East while she in the West, hah! But I do hope to hang out with her again ’cause she’s one of the fun and refreshing ones from school…


We parted ways at about 5, and I went for my pole dancing class. Things are getting more difficult and it’s becoming more apparent that my upper body strength sucks. I am a crazy klutz too. Heh, I came home with bruises all over my legs. T told me to be more careful, while the other man I love – I showed him my blue blacks when I Skyped with him – gave me the disapproving look again and asked me to stop going for classes. That’s his way of saying he loves his daughter. Haha, I told him I’ve got only 4 lessons left and will endure them still. But about the decision to continue on for the next level, I’m still sitting on the fence.



Two weeks ago, I linked myself up with someone whom my friend tagged in a Facebook comment and we decided to meet. I swear, social media platforms are awesome and I am so glad I am not living in the age of low technology as I’d probably feel utterly lonely if that were to be the case. So anyway, she brought a friend with her and we got to know one another over 4 hours. There were so many funny stories shared… And some of the conversations were surprisingly deep for a first meet up session, but they were necessary and very much appreciated by me… I look forward to seeing them again, and maybe eat some of their home-cooked food, hehe 🙂


T and I have been watching Masterchef pretty religiously. (I’m team Harry!) And the night before, they had a competition at George Calombaris’ greek restaurant. The greek food served looked really sumptuous and we decided to get greek food for dinner! The hummus we had was probably the best hummus we’ve ever tasted and I was thrilled with my moussaka 😛

On the way home, we were astonished at how bright orange the 9pm sky was. We didn’t know what it was until the next day when we read the news – Fog created the light effects. It was pretty cool.



Friday, FRIDATE! Remember in the previous week, we wanted to eat at the highly raved Hardware Societe but we changed our minds because of the queue? We decided to give it a go again but we went early to beat the wait. We had fried brioche and a lobster burger and hot chocolate… I wouldn’t say it was the best brunch we’ve had, but it was not bad. We’d wanna come back for the scrambled salmon ’cause it looks really good! Oh, we sat in front of the kitchen and could see the chefs doing their thing, so we knew what the other dishes look like…

After breakfast, we walked around the city and later in the day, we ended up at the first Melbourne’s cat cafe. We aren’t super huge fans of cats, but it was so hyped up back when the first one opened in Singapore, so we decided to give it a go. It was 10 bucks per person. Hurr, the experience was just too lukewarm . The cats don’t give a shit about you. But some were pretty and photo-worthy. So I guess that makes up for it..?

We then indulged ourselves a much needed treat before heading to Woodstock at Lygon for dinner. T had been wanting to bring me to the restaurant which he went with his bosses and we finally dined there 😀 I really really really love the fried calamari!


We stupidly decided to cab home after that. Stupid for forgetting that it was peak hours when people are heading home and traffic jams are horrible. Even stupider for not bringing an umbrella in the first place. It cost us nearly 25 bucks for a short ride from Lygon to Docklands. Hurr. But all went really well again when we got home and decided to fill up some online questionnaires…


I was supposed to meet a couple of my running friends for brunch – we stopped meeting weekly ’cause none of us wanted to run in the cold winter – but one of them couldn’t make it so we postponed it. And because of that, I decided to make donuts for the first time! Went to the supermarket to get the ingredients and got home and got absolutely excited and scared and got on with making the donuts! In between, I chatted online with a few friends – old and new – and I feel really blessed again for having online platforms. Anyway, my donuts turned out better than expected, whee! I mean, of course there are room for improvement, especially in terms of consistency, but they were not bad, hehe!

Oh yeah, Saturday was also the day that me and my neighbours had to be evacuated from our building ’cause of a fire. I’m not too sure how big the fire was, but by the time I’ve climbed down from the second highest storey, three fire engines were driving away. It was in that moment that it dawned to me that if there was a huge fire, people living in higher floors would have slimmer chance of survival. Hah.




Clouds were low in the morning and I was hoping the sky would clear in the afternoon ’cause it would be a hassle to go out in the rain. And yay, the sun shined eventually 😀 I met up with a few friends in South Melbourne and the six hours were spent with non-stop laughter, excitement for Ramadan and Syawal, and crazy stories about possums! They’ve converted me into an anti-possum person despite me not ever having any encounter with this creature… It was a good way to end the week with these friends 🙂


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