104 to 110

104 – Getting jealous envious when T’s parents showed us the wadeh they bought from Geylang when we skyped on Sunday. Salivating more when Ma texted photos of the shop itself and then instagramming the “deep fried happiness”…

105 – Exchanging really lame names.

Me: I look forward to it, at least I won’t feel like a vegetable anymore. Like, a rooted veg. Like a potato, stuck under the ground.
T: You’d be a sweet potato…
Me: Aww… Hmm, I like kerepek ubi, you can be ubi, tapioca.
T: Tsk, I gave you a sweet name and you gave me ubi? You’re Paya Lebar lah.
Me: Whut??
T: After Ubi is Paya Lebar what.
Me: K, then you’d be Kallang. Haha!

106 – Going all awed and laughing our guts out while watching Red Hot Chilli Peppers Carpool Karaoke and their other Youtube videos.

107 – Deciding that UnReal is currently way better than GoT.

108- Waking up at 4am and making home remedy for T’s sore throat. 

The cold is getting to him and I hope his body will acclimatise quick so that he won’t get any sicker.

109 – Going on a streak. 

110 – Having T being supportive of me wanting to shed some weight.


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