Week 17 in Melbourne with Family

So… My family was here from the tenth to the twentieth and having them around sure reminded me what I miss about them, and what I don’t (HAHA!). It was the first time T had to live in the same apartment with his in-laws and I must say that I’m proud with how he carried himself and how great all of them bonded. I remember feeling frantic before I moved into my in-law’s place last year, and it took me a couple of months to adapt to a new environment, hah. Anyway, yeah, all of us had a wonderful time together 😀

Of course, one of the major things we did was to shop: Shop for shoes, shop for clothes, shop for food. I think Xa enjoyed herself most when we were at the DFOs, especially at Cottons On, while Qi really loved picking snacks at Coles. Haha!


We also roamed around the city and visited Brighton Beach to gain some cultural insights…

And I sent them off to the Great Ocean Road tour. Here are some of my favourite photos from their trip:

We checked out QVM Winter Night Market too. Being there kinda makes me miss the food at Geylang Bazaar, but I’m so thankful that despite the crowd, I wasn’t sweating at all and the smell of food didn’t stick to my clothes and hair, hehe 😛

My most favourite part of their trip here is definitely when we went for the Lake Mountain tour. It was a bit of a bummer to know that real snow hadn’t fallen, but the man-made snow and the crazy cold weather made up for it! It was an epic experience to play in the cold, shrieking like a child when I was on the toboggan, encouraging Xa to go again and again, laughing at T and my mum when their rides went off 😀 The trip made T and I consider going to Mount Buller when real snow has thickened up in a month, hmm…

And my second favourite part of the trip was eating with them, be it home cooked food prepared by Mum or me, with assistance from the rest, or out at restaurants or cafes. For most of the days, this is the part when all of us get recharged again to joke about the most random things. And we celebrated Father’s Day too, with a creamy cheesecake 😛

And my third favourite part was playing games with them at night. There is nothing much to do out on the cold nights here, so we usually end up watching movies or playing games. I introduced Xa to Justice League on PS4 and she learned really fast! She also picked up thrash talk pretty quickly, hah.

With them returning back to Singapore on Monday, I have 4 less persons to annoy everyday. But this can continue come late July! And haha, I’ll end off the post with really questionable snaps 😀


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