Week 21 in Melbourne

I’ve not been disciplined in updating this blog. And I’m not been disciplined in some other aspects in life too. I should reflect on these soon. Hurr hurr.

Anyway, the highlights of week 21:

Had a haircut again!

This time, I’m smarter – I used a Groupon coupon so the price wasn’t as expensive as my first cut in Melbourne. But it’s definitely more than my usual $3.80 cut in Singapore, heh. So, I headed to Kerri Gravina Salon, feeling pretty psyched. I’ve read good reviews on her and when I got there and explained to her what I wanted, she delivered awesome results! Before and after:

This was the first time I shaved the side of my head. It was thrilling to hear the buzz and see the scalp… And haha, having short hair is so much easier to maintain than the long and longer styles which I used to carry! It’s damn convenient to be able to dry my hair in less than 15 minutes! The only downside is hair seems to grow a lot faster when it’s short. Now I understand why guys whine about having to go to the barber often.

I went through my Instagram to look at my previous hairstyles. They’ve been pretty diverse, and haha, I’m already thinking of what I should do next! Any suggestions? 😛

Start of new volunteering stint

I had my induction for TAA (a non-profit organization which provides travelling services for the disabled, amongst other things) on Tuesday, and started a shift on the next day. While I did not do much on the job (mainly observing since it was my first time), I saw different sides of people with disability and the people who work with them. I have been guilty of either staring or looking away from people with disability when I’m on the streets (And I’m not sure what’s the reason behind it. Possibly shame? Or fear? I don’t know.), so to face them directly and communicate with them reminded me that each of them are just another human being who deserves to be treated with dignity. They’re definitely different, be it physically or mentally, but they share the same emotions as anyone else.

On Thursday, there was a morning tea with the other volunteers and I met 3 lovely matured ladies. When I told each of them I’m from Singapore, they sang praises of how beautiful the country is and how they loved spending their time there. I learned some more bits of their personal lives and I hope I’d be able to spend more time with them, just to learn about their colourful history… And oh, my boss made really yummy cakes for the morning tea, hehe!


There’s going to be a course this coming Thursday on how to communicate with the blind and the deaf, and I look forward to it!

Hanging out with a new friend

When I was still hitting the gym, there was always this other woman exercising, and one day, I just decided to say hello and we exchanged numbers and I said I’d ask her out for brunch soon. Soon = slightly more than one month later, haha! But hey, better soon than never, right? We had brunch at Hash Speciality Coffee and Roaster, where they serve the hipster hash hot chocolate with candy floss. It was a good catch-up session! I learnt a lot more about the South Indian culture, and it was insightful to compare the current state of their dowry and the Malay culture’s price bride.

Taking photos of the food I cook

I suck at plating, especially the Malay gravies. That’s why I rarely snap photos of them. And haha, there were also times when I served badly cooked food so all the more, I did not want to have any documentation of them. But yeah, I should really learn how to plate better. So here’s chicken curry, paired with the instant prata my mum left for us; butter lemon fish with sweet potato and yellow rice; baked macaroni with broccoli; and soothing coffee made with love by T 😀 😀 😀 (p.s. The donuts weren’t good. I regret buying them over the fantastic ones from American Donuts.)

“Omg, can they see us?”

On Sunday, we woke up with the view for the first time and we questioned and we ignored some possible answers and got on with our morning, before T left for work…



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