Week 26 in Melbourne

T and I just past our 6th month mark of living in the world’s best city (!!!) and considering that we may relocate in a few months, we are cherishing every moment… These are my treasured ones for the past week:

1. Walking under azure sky


It’s rare to get skies like this in Singapore! The cooling weather now permits me to sit anywhere outdoor to admire nature 🙂 Plus, the skyscrapers look even more outstanding against the bluest of blue.

2. Indulging in coffee & hot chocolate

You’d have no idea how much you miss your coffee machine until you’ve left it unused for 3 weeks! Okay, actually I had an idea – I kept telling T I longed to make and drink my coffee when we were away. So yeah, it felt really good to be able to have the magic in a cup daily again! 😀

San Churros’ hot chocolate was also another thing I yearned for. Hehe, I didn’t care that I had to be at my class in less than an hour; I walked to QV from TAA’s office, ordered the Spanish special, let myself appreciate the thickness and rich flavour, then rush to class. It was a fine decision 😛

3. Meeting the kids at class

I thought the kids didn’t care that I’ve missed two weeks of class, but hehehe, as soon as they saw me, they asked why I’ve not been around, where did I go and so on! They made me feel a little special, haha!

4. Cooking dinner

From dinners which I cooked from scratch to instant ones, I love being in my own kitchen and getting to be mindful of the ingredients I use to serve food for T and myself. That said, I did screw up one of our meals. Disclaimer: because it was a new recipe! Haha, T ate the over-infused cumin fried rice nonetheless ’cause he’s sweet. But okay lah, apart from that, the other meals were alright, with beef kicap being T’s favourite 😀

5. Reading Freud


Freud, tuna sandwich, and Melbourne’s temperature of 19 degrees were a perfect combination for a chill afternoon by the pier…

I didn’t expect Freud to be an easy read but he was. And while I knew he’s fucked-up, I didn’t expect him to be that fucked-up*. Thus far, I’ve only read his ‘Fragments of an Analysis of Hysteria (Dora)’ and boy, was Jeri Johnson (the one who wrote the introduction of this book) right in saying, “What does one know when one knows Freud? That knowing has everything to do with sex.”

*Maybe ‘fucked-up’ isn’t the best of terms to label him, but due to my lack of vocabulary, I’m saying he’s that for now. I don’t associate being ‘fucked-up’ as someone who is derogative or vulgar here. It’s more of someone who invokes the questions like “Dude, are you fucking serious?!” and “You want to see things that way, and thus you are seeing it in that way only! Are you aware of that?!” Anyway, I should read critiques on Freud and maybe I can come up with a more succinct judgement on what I think of him and his work.

6. Going on dates with T

T had to head back to office on one of his off days, but we managed to head into the city together that night as well as on the weekends! There is a Malay joke circulating on Facebook recently (click here to see it) and haha, fortunately he’s not that type of husband! (Memang die suka menyakat, tapi tak sampai gitu!) 

One of the recurring topics we have these days was about our past and particularly, about the other people we’ve dated. It’s pretty amazing and amusing, learning new things about your partner who seems to have been there forever. And it’s also pretty weird yet satisfying, reading back on things from your past. Weird, ’cause you cringe at certain things you’ve done before. Satisfying, ’cause you’re still proud that those things make who you are today…

7. Playing Heavy Rain


As what I’ve posted on Instagram, I finished playing Heavy Rain with a heavy heart ’cause I sucked big time. I didn’t have as much control over the game as I wanted to since my motor skills are pretty crappy for someone who isn’t disabled. But once I watched the other alternative endings to the game, I felt better about my tragic ending…

In case you’re wondering, mine ended with Ethan and Shelby dead. What made it really heartbreaking was just before Ethan was shot rampantly by Lieutenant Blake’s team, he promised his son that he’d never leave him again. Okay, only those who’d played the game would understand my pain. To the rest, these words mean nothing. Hurr hurr.

8. Having lunch at Ga and Di’s

Hehe, I am so glad I texted the girls in the morning or I’d have missed the wonderful lunch hosted at Ga and Di’s! Ga and De didn’t know T and I were back in Melbourne so the invitation came only a few hours before. T and I rescheduled our day, and everything went perfect 😀

Ga and Di are from South Africa so they served us a range of delectable food from their homeland – droëwors for snacks, chakalaka with pap for appetizer, and lamb roast for main! And De made lovely panna cotta for desserts! Over lunch, I learned more things about South Africa’s culture and about my friends… Watching the wild animals get drunk because of the indigenous African marula trees was the funniest!

9. Buying a loaf of bread


I usually hesitate buying a loaf of bread from the bakery despite being curious. It’s largely because there’s only two of us at home, and I’m super sure that we won’t finish the beautiful bread in time. But last weekend, I adopted the #okgo attitude and purchased a sourdough light rye bread. Holding it in my hand made me finally understand why the penjodoh bilangan for bread is sebantal. Betul-betul macam bantal! Gosh, fresh bread tastes so much better than the ones I usually buy from the supermarket… Will definitely try the other kinds of bread soon!


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