Week 27 in Melbourne

I’m just gonna jump right straight to highlights of each day!



Pfft, I woke up and stretched as usual, except that it was unusual ‘cause I ended up with a salah urat. I could not move the right side of my upper body without pain stabbing mercilessly. Ugh. I planned to head to the city but ended up catching up with ‘The Joy of Sin’ at home. The book doesn’t really add on to my knowledge on how sins are functional in our lives, but the social psychology experiments shared are pretty cool.

Also, my phone alerted me that SubsceneTV just uploaded new videos and I decided to check them out. And just like that, Raggae Remedy and Denny Frust have a new fan who couldn’t stop bobbing her head to their songs!


Back pain still wouldn’t go away despite having koyok (medicated plaster) on. I googled on it and I realised that maybe having heat on the strain wasn’t such a good idea. Oh wells. Anyway, T and I planned to head out at night and nothing was going to stop me! This might not have been a good idea also, haha!

Perhaps it was because our brother-in-law sent us a photo of T’s mum and sister and niece at Nando’s Singapore that T wanted to eat Nando’s… Chicken was succulent and pita bread was fluffy! I had Nando’s at Harbour Town a few months ago and food was just bad there. So the Melbourne Central’s outlet restored my faith. The only thing we didn’t know how to appreciate was the African salad which came with the meal. It was… raw. Haha, we eat raw food, but this particular salad was too earthy for us.

We also caught ‘The Sausage Party’ and the goddess wishes she has got Ikea’s hotdogs now! Haha, you gotta watch the movie to understand this. It will only reach Singapore in October though, heh heh.


The pain was no joke in the morning! See lah, who asked me to go out the night before? But lol, I went out again at night anyways. We had comforting Thai food for dinner at this really pretty cafe called Kwan’s Table. And oh, it has a quote which I now live by!

After, we walked a few doors down to watch Slowjaxx and The Kozmik Brothers play some psychedelic funk. It’s been a while since we watched a gig, what more with our friends being in the band! And we made new friends too, so it was an awesome night…


My back finally feels normal! And it’s largely thanks to T for massaging the right spots 😀

In the afternoon, I followed another volunteer to send a disabled client for her medical appointment. I was anxious before meeting up with these strangers. Like, I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid if there were awkward silences. But fortunately, we filled the 3 hours together with lotsa random conversations and I learnt so much more about Melbourne and about being disabled. It was a lovely experience and I’m looking forward to more of such trips (or in other words, hang out seshs)!


FRIDAY-FRIDATE! We attempted to be atas and went for Degas’ exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria. Our attempt was futile, hurr hurr hurr. To say the least, we found what he calls art merepek. (Random note: I can’t help but think of Bourdieu and his stand on cultural taste and social standing.) But, we definitely knew how to enjoy the copywriter’s work on describing each art pieces, e.g. “There certainly is a woman there, but a certain kind of woman, without the expression of a face, without the wink of an eye … a woman reduced to the gesticulation of her limbs, to the appearance of her body, a woman considered as a female, expressed in her animality, as if it were a matter of superior illustration in a zoological textbook.

We turned to another form of art by watching ‘The Shallows’ at Crowne. Blake Lively did a really convincing act and I can’t believe how she’s still so hot despite just giving birth! And haha, later in the night, after some fireworks, we netflix-ed ‘Tallulah’. We’re definitely too chill to be atas.



So, I headed to Footscray for a panel discussion on Muslim Feminism with full of excitement! Eliza Vitri Handayani, Shakira Hussein and Monique Toohey were in the house. I haven’t heard of them prior to this, but I was eager to hear what they have to say. But boo, I was a tad disappointed after the 1.5 hours was up. I mean, their personal stories were engaging and I’m really glad that they acknowledge that there are different types of feminism, but it felt like very superficial. When I shared with T how bummed I felt, he asked, “What, did you expect a lecture?” Haha, maybe I was, maybe I just wanted something controversial or a discussion that is more focused and in-depth. Hurr.

That said, there was one thing that they exchanged views on which was thought-provoking: Would you define women [and I’d add men too] who join ISIS as victims or independent rebels? Do they join due to being brainwashed or out of their own freewill? No conclusion was made within the 10 minutes conversation obviously. Hah.


SUNDAY-FUNDAY! Woke up in the morning with the intention to look-see-look-see Melbourne Regatta, ended up playing Life is Strange for a couple of hours. Hah! I blame T. He was supposed to work, but he came home past midnight and got the day off, and I swear he made the morning a lazy one. Hahahah!


But my afternoon plans went as scheduled! Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was on and Ik was walking down the runway for HUXBABY, so we gotta see him in action… Looking at him and the other kids do their thing made me feel a tinge of regret for being bloody shy and not pursuing the modelling line when young. Yup, I walked for GUESS before a long long long time ago. Life would have been so different…

We didn’t have plans afterwards, and just went with the flow. We hung out with Ma and Ya, and Ni joined us after lunch. Hanging out with them reminded me of my secondary school days when I hang out with a bunch of dudes and we ended up doing things that I had never done with my girlfriends. It was one of the best ways to wrap up the week 😀 😀 😀


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