(Haha, it’s been quite a while since I document the things I do specifically with Tiramisu!)

Convincing T to accompany me in the kitchen.

T: *plays Football Manager in bed*
Me: Are you gonna wash up before breakfast?
T: Yeah…
Me: Are we gonna eat breakfast now?
T: Yeah…
Me: Then why are you still playing game?
T: You go prepare breakfast lah, I’ll wash up and be ready by the time you’re done.
Me: *sulk* Come out and teman me in the kitchen lah…
T: Huh, why?
Me: Because wife says so.
T: But husband don’t want.
Me: Wife is sad.
T: Husband says there there.
Me: Wife is super sad.
T: Husband says your problem lah.
Me: Fuck off.
Me: Go wash up, then you can play your laptop in the kitchen while I prepare food.
T: Okay, good compromise 😀


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