Week 28 in Melbourne

My sister complained that my posts are too long and so, this post is dedicated just for her – Photos with really short captions. And it revolves around her favourite thing: Food!


Monday: Quick lunch with Ai and Sa at The Premises. This Golden Gaytime French Toast is to die for! Best french toast I’ve eaten yet! 😛


Monday: My brother-in-law shared with me the recipe for fried mushrooms a month ago, and I finally tried it out. Not bad for the first time. Gotta be crispier the next round…

Wednesday: I woke up one day and wanted to eat Shepard’s pie, and tadaa, T and I had some pie for dinner, with a generous topping of cheese!


Thursday: Wi treated me to raspberry mouse cake at Hopetoun Tea Rooms 😛 Service was pretty shitty there but the cake (and hot chocolate) made up for it 🙂

Thursday: Beef ribs with mac and cheese to celebrate an achievement ❤

Friday: Fancy pastries from Mill & Bakery for breakfast 😀


Friday: And good ol’ char kway teow for lunch!


Friday: Post-lunch food for the soul, hehe 😛


Friday: Nasi goreng for dinner (and next day breakfast)…


Friday: And hotdog for supper. Much needed disgusting hotdog. HAH.

Saturday: Soft shell crab laksaaaa and a side of tahu goreng from Laksa Bar. There were a lot of Malay students there and it was nice eavesdropping Malay-Singlish/Malaysianish conversations… Anyway, food was delish but serving was too huge. Gonna share a bowl the next time!


Sunday: Dry Sri Lankan briyani for brunch at Drums Cafe. But okaylah, it was pretty flavourful. But haha, I won’t eat there again.


Sunday: OYSTERS! Two months break is too long…


Sunday: Chai latte (and American donuts) to seal the deal!

Sunday: Mi and Er invited us to join them at a cheese festival in Preston. While the place was pretty (not in photos are the really cute food trucks!), food was kinda mediocre…

Sunday: We headed to Bismi after, for really good teh tarik! Almost similar to the teh sarabat at Bugis 😛 And hahahahahahah, Er bought prata plaster and boy, it didn’t turn out as expected. Instead of a sunny side up egg, it was er, that. And it didn’t come with curry. Epic failure! Definitely one for the memories 😀

Sunday: Okay, no food photos here but here’s us saying goodbye at the airport.

Sunday: Perangai single, ready to mingle sprung as soon as I reached home. Maggi curry letup telur lembu satu! And partying with my girls, Max, Chloe and Kate, getting (sugar) high on gummy bears till 3 in the morning!


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