Asking T for a food critique.

20160919_202634aMe: *list a number of things on how to improve the nasi lemak* How, you got other comment?
T: Huh? No lah, I see food, I eat food. I don’t know how to cook, so I just eat.
Me: Huh, why… This one really nice to you meh?
T: You know what, if I don’t like what you cook, I will tell you. Or else, I will just eat what you cook.
Me: Okaylah…
T: Ok, ok, next time you put pandan leaves before you put the rice.
Me: Huh? You mean, banana leaves?
T: HAHAHA, yah, banana leaves not pandan. See! How to critique when I don’t even know the proper names! HAHA!
Me: Hahahaha… Okay, next time I find banana leaves…


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