Of turning twenty-six / Week 30 in Melbourne

Just a week ago, I turned 26.

If I were to ask my 20-year-old self if I could picture myself being married, living abroad and being a housewife at 26, I doubt she’ll be able to do so. Sure, she knows that she has accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal a year before. And sure, she knows that he has dreams of working overseas. But yeah, she probably still would not believe that the things would happen so soon, that she’d have her own apartment in Melbourne, that she’d have gone for barista and pole-dancing classes, and that she’d be drinking (really good) coffee almost everyday…

But that is life, isn’t it? Things took unexpected turns and I don’t lead the typical mid 20s Singaporean life that I thought I would. And it’s okay.

Honestly, I was worried in the beginning. Am I married too young? Are my choices to live unpredictably (due to his job requirements) the right decisions? Will I be happy? Some family, friends and strangers were not helpful – they asked the same questions, but with an air of annoying skepticism. The worst set of questions I had was, “You’re putting a stop in your career for him? Really? Will it be worth it?” I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t affected.

But with time, a new set of friends who lead unconventional lifestyles, and a new way of thinking, I find myself getting less concern. I am still worried about my future career and family life, but I fret less about my past decisions and it’s really great to just enjoy the present moments…

… And the presents I received on my birthday!

Monday night: Hehe, I only asked for a chocolate cake and a pair of Raybans, but the gifts from the family was a lot more 😀 😀 😀 Giraffe overload!!! Woot woot!

Tuesday: The plan for my birthday itself was to check out the Tesselaar Tulip Festival but weather was crazy bad, so T and I ended up playing mini golf and eating lotsa random food ❤  img-20160913-wa0008I received a number of birthday wishes via whatsapp and Facebook and they warmed my heart 🙂 And haha, I got a virtual gift of nothing from a girlfriend ’cause she thinks I’ve got everything! Pondering on this, I realise that I really do have everything that I need/want now…

Wednesday: Ya brought me out to a suburb and treated me to lunch and tea! I didn’t expect to have birthday outings with anybody apart from T, so it was really sweet that she scheduled a fun hang-out session with me 🙂

Friday: We finally checked out the tulips when T had off! Thankfully, the weather was good… The flowers were absolutely stunning! And the snacks we bought were yummy! I finally got my potato twist! And the kibbeling brought back sweet memories from Amsterdam 🙂


Saturday morning: I slept in and woke up to a lovely email from my girlfriends! They’re so funny and so cute and so full of love… The voice message that they sent at 12 midnight on Tuesday was already super hilarious and I didn’t think that they had more gifts, so this made me grinned and gah, I miss them………

Saturday afternoon: I thought I was going shopping with T for a costume party happening at the end of the month, but instead I attended a surprise picnic party organised by these ladies! They prepared a wide spread of food, with a special homemade Milo birthday cake! It was a lil embarrassing for them to head to our messy place (haha, I didn’t know we were going to have guests!) but I think T’s coffee for them made up for it. We had many laughs and a lot more silly photos 😀

25-going-on-26 has been the best year yet. To a better year ahead!


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