Week 31 in Melbourne

This week has been pretty much a pretty chill week. Lotsa eating and hanging out with friends…

Nothing particularly interesting happened on Monday. I was just a sloth the entire day.

Caught Blair Witch with T, Mi, Er and Ni on Tuesday. I don’t think I’m going to let T watch scary movies anymore ’cause of what happened after, hurr hurr.

Finally utilised my new sewing machine on Wednesday! The last time I handled such a machine was when I was 14 years old (for Home Economics classes), so it’s pretty amazing that some of the skills are still there. Plus, the guidebook that comes with the machine and YouTube helps a lot 😀

On Thursday, I received a belated birthday treat from Ri! The lamb from Jimmy Grants was so succulent and tender… And oh, the vanilla slice from The French Lettuce was divine! It was great catching up with Ri and Ai, and little Da 🙂 After the food, Ri brought me to Costco to do her grocery shopping. I decided then that if I were to live in Melbourne permanently, I’d sign up for membership. And haha, I think T would enjoy shopping there more than me!


After being forced* to watch T play his Fifa17 demo on Friday morning, we had brunch and coffee with his colleague, CK, who’s here for a few weeks. It was interesting to hear his stories about his postings and the things he had learned along the way. He shared a few worthy tips and y’know, it was reassuring to know that his wife faced similar issues as I have/had.

*T woke me up and made me get outta bed to sit in the living room! He was really persistent! Nothing, seriously NOTHING, could stop him from changing his mind of needing to play the game with me by his side. So no choice, need to layankan lah.. Haha!

When we parted ways, T and I headed to Fitzroy for window shopping and to try the gelato from Messina. Ri and Ai recommended it highly the day before, and boy, they were right! The flavours were to die for. Regret not getting a tub for home, but I will head to Fitzroy next week, so definitely will buy one! I also brought T to Jimmy Grants and hehehe, he enjoyed the delicious lamb and the oh-so-heavenly pita bread… We sooo gotta try the hummus there next!


It was my mum’s birthday so we had a quick Skype session with my family before they headed out for dinner. She opened the gifts we got for her, and hehehe, I think she liked the watch I got her. It’s just too bad that she gotta head to the watch shop to reduce the length of the strap, else I am sure she’d have worn it straight! 😀 My sisters and dad gave her lovely presents too. I’m envious that they all get to eat Prima Deli’s cake… Though really, I’m dreaming of Awfully Chocolate’s cake. Hmm.

Saturday‘s dinner at NeNe Chicken was shiok! It’s been months since I ate crispy fried chicken, so to have them coated in spicy sauce turned out better than what I imagined! The PBG in me was prancing around! Hehe!

Personal note to my girlfriends in Singapore: Don’t judge me for wearing gloves. The restaurant didn’t have any sinks! Unlike the durian stall one! Haha!

Later that night, Manchester United was playing against Leicester City. I told T that I wasn’t interested to watch, but I accompanied him in the living room anyway, reading. I love hearing him go all joyful when his favourite team scored (they scored 4 goals in first half!) and curse when some players didn’t do the “right” things ❤

This morning (Sunday), I headed to Fed Square for the Active Nation Day. Wi asked me along a week ago, and she linked me up with a new friend, So. We had a burning 8AM resistance and cardio workout, followed by a half hour yoga.. Later, over brunch, we made plans on the next exercise outings and I am so thankful to have new kakis to lose weight with 😀


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