Week 32 in Melbourne

Spent some hours on Monday with a lady with anxiety disorder and her sons, and I saw quite a bit of myself in the older son. Their circumstance is probably a lot worse than mine (or so I think), and it was heartbreaking to hear the challenges that the parent and children have to undergo. I have a soft stop for kids like them, especially the eldest, and because I couldn’t do more for the two kids when the volunteering hours ended, I made sure their visit to the city was a damn good one.

Tuesday was a bitch. I was grouchy because I was getting sick and I got upset over two things which in turn made me stay up late and probably made me sicker. T coaxed me to not overthink and deal with them the next week, but I guess sometimes, it’s hard to brush things away, especially since your emotions run high. But I managed to sleep anyway. And hah, will deal with them today.


Had my first pilates class on Wednesday! The girls and I signed up for this introductory trial of which 5 classes cost only $25 at Breathe Pilates & Yoga Studios! After the class (and another one on Saturday), I can say that I prefer pilates over yoga…

Brunched and coffee-d and juice-d and apple pie-d out with La on Thursday 😀 We were sharing the stories of the gigs we had caught when I was super jealous as soon as she told me Arctic Monkeys was here a few years back and Alex Turner was counting down to the new year and she was there to experience these…… Don’t know when the band will be making the next round of tour, but I hope it will be soon!


I SEE BAD PEOPLE took place on Friday. It was a birthday party for Mi and Er at “haunted” Prison Pentridge. The dress code was criminals/baddies – T came as a Malay version of Ozzy while I dressed up as a bride who just killed her groom, inspired by Na Cola Franklin’s case. The others dressed up quite funkily too… More photos:

Initially, it was a lil eerie walking around the prison. Our senses were heightened when the tour guide, Tula, shared about the history of the place, what with the criminals and their crimes, as well as the ghost sightings. And it got worst when we started hearing noises. But once we got to roam around ourselves, we got candid and laughed more than staying frightened! It was definitely a fun experience 😀

Saturday was a chillaxing day for both T and I. We got our asses down to Fitzroy again to play Virtual Reality games for the first time, hehe! It was amazingly surreal, to be in a whole different world once we had the gears on! We played a zombie game and I swear I almost shat in my pants! If you’ve got my instagram, you’d see a video of me squealing, haha! After an hour’s play, T and I started contemplating if we should invest in the VR equipments. Lotsa thinking to do!


After market shopping on Sunday, T and I thought of heading to the city again to have dinner and do a lil more of grocery shopping. But Mi and Er called us to hang out at Saint Kilda with them and two of their friends, and we went with the flow. They picked us up, and we headed south. Meeting up new people almost always widens one’s perspective and I’m thankful to have made the acquaintance with Ju and Ka. They actually made me look forward to being 40s…


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