Getting my worldview shattered by T.

T was sharing something about his work with me…
Me: Huh, how can like that?
T: Yalah, same as our education system lah.
Me: No….. Uni yalah, but primary to JC no what. If a student gets 92, that’s like A*. Like, there’s the grading system what.
T: Yah, and every major exams, there will be a bell curve and the points for each grade will change accordingly.
Me: Nolah….. Then what’s the point of them telling us the range for Band 1 to Band 4, and F9 to A1 and all that?
T: That’s like an estimation. Like once all results of the students come back to the ministry, they will see the bell curve and set the grades. That’s why you don’t know your marks for the major exams, just grades. *gives more detailed examples*
Me: *make some rebuttal*
T: *elaborates more*
Me: Nooooo… Cannot be lah… *still in disbelief but know that T’s explanation makes sense* You’ve just shattered my worldview. Gah!
T: You never take Soci of Education ah?
Me: No, had another class which clashes with that. You went alone what. Gah, I feel cheated…..


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