Week 33, 34 in Melbourne

Quick update on the past two weeks! Okay, maybe not that quick since lotsa things have happened and there are loads of photos. Ignoring that one hiccup which happened last week, everything else had been a blast 😀

1. Visiting Moonlit Sanctuary

This was my favourite part of the weeks! I’m not a crazy animal lover but I love going to the zoo or sanctuary or friend’s house with cats ’cause you get to play and selfie with the animals with no responsibility of taking care of them, heh heh. Anyway, I’ve finally heard the kookaburra’s laugh! Mighty scary, I swear.

And we fed wallabies! Initially, we thought they were kangaroos, but after a little bit of research, we learned that we’re wrong. They’re cute nonetheless 😀 I wanna keep one in my pocket and bring it around…..

Oh, owls, especially the barn owls, are another set of birds which are scary. They have a haunting look, and looking at them eat the white mice gave us the shudders…

Can’t wait for the next trip to another wild park with my nieces in November!

2. Hanging out with friends

I’ve been thinking of renting the Melbourne bike for a while and finally got to cycle on it on a random Saturday afternoon with this group of friends 😀 Weather was superb and company was super lepak. Best way to exercise! And oh, bike rental cost only $3 a day. That’s way cheaper than renting a bike for two hours at East Coast Park 😛

T and I celebrated three October babies’ birthday with another group of friends by playing lawn bowling! God knows who came up with the sport but it sure was harder to play than it looks. We were sembarang all the way hahaha, and I think my team won..? I don’t know. But it was fun and we had a delicious black forest birthday cake after the game 🙂

We also headed to Tarneit for a gathering with T’s friends. Again and again, when I meet new people, they never fail to inspire me on why they move here to build a different life for their families. And they’ve also recommended new places for me and T to visit in Melbourne… The best thing, apart from chatting with the people, was devouring the mee siam! I’ve been craving for authentic homemade mee siam since two weeks before, and the two bowls I had was shiok to the max, hehe!

3. Being artsy fartsy

My girlfriends in Singapore gifted me a voucher to go for an arts class and I went for experimental dyeing of fabric. The class was conducted by Roz at Work-Shop. It was a happy and therapeutic experience! Super love my girls for getting me such an interesting birthday present 😀

I’ve also attempted to sew tops. One was a fail (left) while the other was pretty successful (right) 😀 Sewing has taught me a hell lot about patience. I’ve set some goals for myself with various projects in mind, and I had gotten annoyed when things didn’t go my way, i.e. when I stupidly sew wrongly, but I’ve taught myself how to breathe and chill and unstitch and continue sewing.

4. Eating non-stop

Of course we’ve ate a lot more in two weeks, but these are my favourites ❤ Really grateful to share these meals with T ❤

5. Watching Inferno at a drive-in

I think we’ve done lotsa random things these two weeks. I must have repeated the word ‘random’ too many times in this post. But hey, watching a movie at Lunar Drive-In was a totally random decision too.

And haha, the main reason for all the randomness was because of our spontaneous act of renting a car, hah!

Lol, one of the random places we drove to was Chadstone Shopping Centre. My goodness, H&M was mega huge! Didn’t get to look at everything that they sell but managed to grab some tops which were on sale 🙂

6. Volunteering

One of the things I’ve signed up for is to set up and take down exhibitions to raise awareness on the support the organisation provides for the disabled. This meant that I’d have to travel to the country with Al, a 80+ year old man, who volunteered to do the same thing. Our trips range between an hour or two to the location, and another hour or two back to the city. Al has taught me a great deal on the history of Melbourne and life to fill up the travelling time, and the golden lesson/reminder from him thus far is to be humble.


These are some of the boys I’m teaching basic coding to. I think on the day that this photo was taken, my cool level has dropped, because I dabbed in a very uncool way. I should never attempt to dab. Never. Heh heh.

7. Feeling content



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