Week 35, 36, 37 in Melbourne

One more day, and three weeks would have past since I did my last weekly updates. Nothing much has happened, actually. Things have been relatively great, especially with me going for a pilates reformer/barre fusion/yoga classes almost daily. It’s amazing how sores in your body translate to a happier self!

Hanging out with friends also helps to make life more joyful. On the Monday of week 35, Ry came over after touching down. We talked about a lot of things, and one of the topics made me excited for him and Fa, hehe! Time past quickly as we caught up and before you knew it, it was 4am. Hoho! (Below is T showing Ry the games he has on Steam.)


Later that week, I went to Argyle Square for Carlton Italian Festa with Ga and she introduced me to yummy arancini 🙂 We also got ourselves into a Maserati limo for a photo! So jakun, hah.

And the next week, Wi and I redeemed our spa vouchers at Endota. I had a free 15 minutes of foot scrub and an hour of facial which was so refreshing 😀 We then had rather deep conversations over Thai food at Chilli Chilli… My favourite dish there was the calamari 😛

On the Sunday, T’s friend-colleague asked us out for lunch with her family at Red Hill Epicurean. Au and Ha were easy to talk to, and their dog, Coco, was adorable 🙂

Over the Melbourne Cup weekend, T and I spent three nights straight with his old close friend and her boyfriend, who were here on a holiday. The pair is fun and funny, and I could tell that T misses all his friends back in Singapore. (I miss my friends, especially my girls too.) It was great nights 😀


And just yesterday, we double-dated with Wi and Mi at Balaclava. It was our first time to that suburb, and it’s too chill for me. Haha, I like the hipster suburbs with some buzz going on. But food was yums, and company was wonderful!

Apart from meeting friends, T and I dated out also. Highlight 1: We finally went to the State Library of Victoria. And we watched a young dude going against an old dude for a game of chess, right in front of the entrance. But we didn’t stay long enough to know who won.

Highlight 2: Eating at Ichi Ni Nana ❤ It was a restaurant which we stumbled upon – We were out at 10pm, all hungry at Fitzroy. Not much places were selling food at that time, but heyho, this Jap place was, and it has such a warm vibe with really delicious food!

Highlight 3: Eating. Just eating out together… Food makes our lives fuller 🙂


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