Nobody came then

The email came in, “Please call +65 9xxx xxxx”. We got a little anxious. Questions piled in our minds. He wasted no more seconds and made the call.

He paced around the balcony as he spoke to him. With the glass doors closed, all I could hear were nervous laughters and muffled words.

He sat diagonally across me once he hung up the phone. “What?” I asked eagerly. He shared what they spoke about. “But it isn’t confirmed because of the circumstance. We would only know in two weeks.” My heart sank a little. Maybe more than just a little. A little bit more than a little. “Well, there’s no point worrying now about it. We just have to wait till the end of the two weeks, right?” He agreed. He googled more about it though, and I knew he was tensing up. “I’m going to go there tonight,” he decided after some time. “Ok, have fun, I love you!”

He came home past midnight, full of updates on what just happened. It was surreal, it was weird, it was happiness, it was fear, it was jealously, it was amazement, it was craze – all rolled in one. These must have been all that he felt before, when things were going the opposite direction. And I actually understood exactly what he was feeling now, and this helped channel the negative emotions away.

Later in the afternoon, I looked at him and went, “Things won’t change, right?” He replied, “Things haven’t changed, have they?” “No, but what if…” “Did you feel any different?” “No.” “Then trust that I don’t too.” “Okay.” “I love you.” “I love you too.”


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