Eavesdropping and later commenting on T’s conversation with Dj. Okay, it wasn’t exactly eavesdropping ’cause he was speaking so loudly on the phone in the bedroom and the door of the room was open, so I could hear everything clearly from the couch in the living room.

Me: Aww, you’re such a dad! *koala hug*
T: *freaks out* What dya mean???
Me: I heard what you said to Dj, you’re so full of guidance and warmth and –
T: What did you hear???
Me: Everything! *hug tighter*
T: You heard everything???
Me: Uhhuh, can totally imagine you being a dad… *hug even tighter*
T: *pushes me away* Eee, stoppit.
Me: Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!


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