Week 39, 40a in Melbourne


The weather in Melbourne has been really unpredictable. One day, it can go up to 33 degrees and I feel like I’m back in sunny Singapore, sweating like a pig. The next, it goes down to 13 degrees (but feels like 8 because of the wind) and we’d have to switch on the heater at home. I don’t have much issues with the crazy changes, but gah, my face is suffering… When it’s hot, layers of oil pile up on my skin. When it’s cold, my skin just gets too dry. And now, I’ve got my secondary school face back: all peppered with pimples. Hurr.

Anyways, the days since I last posted have been fantastic! I’ve got 7 favourite moments:

1. Running 5km from the city to sea!

Sometime in July, there was the Melbourne Run which I signed up for but had to forfeit because T and I gotta head back to Singapore. I was a lil bummed. So when this opportunity to run for City2Sea came, I got super psyched and started training! Lagi best, the run was sponsored! Heh, T wasn’t feeling it ’cause he never liked running but since it’s sorta a company event, he had to participate.

The sun was lovely on the day we went for the run. We started out super groggy ’cause we had to wake up at 5am to catch our tram (which comes every half hour on Sunday mornings instead of the usual 5 mins), but once the run started, the excitement kicked in! I ran and left T behind (hehe), and clocked less than 35 minutes for the 5km! Wooooo! Absolutely euphoric with the new personal best result 😀 Makes me wanna go for more runs! Haha, even T was saying that we should run out more together ’cause the journey from CBD to Saint Kilda was pretty and amazing…

2. Learning how to cook briyani dam 😛


When it comes to practical work, I’m a visual learner. So it was really awesome for me to watch and help Wi cook the meal. It was totally worth the half hour wait ’cause Kak So and Wi were late, and another hour of travel to Kak An’s house. I thought the process to cook briyani is tedious, but actually it’s pretty simple! Just that there will be a lot of dishes which needs to be cleaned after. But ohmygawd, it’s so sedap, I don’t mind the washing after…

3. Checking out Sexpo with T


OH WHAT FUN! 😛 A story fit to be told another day……

4. Eating a turkey leg at Queen Victoria Market’s Summer Festival

One word: YUMS! I can’t remember the last time I queued more than half hour for food – maybe I’ve never done so – but I did for this piece of leg. And it was worth it!!! Juicy and tender, and it filled my tummy well 😛 That said, I wasn’t wowed by the other vendors and overall, the festival was pretty meh.

5. Hanging out with the girls at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 

I wasn’t impressed with this festival either, but hey, I got to catch up with the girls and that was lovely ❤

6. Volunteering at Seymour

Headed to the country with my boss and another volunteer to set up an exhibition and then mingled around at the event. I’ve said it more than once here, and I’ll say it again: When you spend time with new people – young old, abled disabled, man woman etc – your perspective gets a lil wider and you learn how to be grateful and enjoy your own privileged life more. (And you’ll always get reminded of Michael Kimmel’s line, “Privilege is blind to those who have it”.)

7. Spending 25th to 30th November with family

This, this is going to be written in the next post!


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