Week 42 in Melbourne

​Two days of last week had been extremely hard. Back then, I didn’t understand why I was feeling super down. I knew I miss ZMA fucking badly but haha, I didn’t get why I suddenly broke down in the afternoon, like sudden burst of tears kinda breaking down. I miss hanging out with them, I miss telling them the wtf shits I’ve done, I miss them judging me yet still love me. Now, after some reflection, I think I was homesick, home-best-girlfriends-sick. Ugh, one of the worst feelings, really. Thankfully, with ZMA’s virtual xoxos and T’s tlc, I snapped out of it and I’m okay 🙂

Apart from those days, the week had been almost perfect. Almost, because I was disappointed that two of my volunteering sessions got cancelled and I had the bad ending for The Witcher 3. Hurr. But anyway, I get to hang out with some close friends and that’s perfect!

Ad flew to Melbourne for his friend’s wedding and so we got to hang out twice. Once, he came over our apartment and we talked of the past, present, future. And a couple nights later, we had dinner with him and his friend in the city. Ad’s been one of the most important friends I’ve met in university. He was a damn awesome travel buddy to Phuket in 2011 and Koh Phangan in 2012, and his family life story shapes what kind of parent I’d like to be. It was good catching up with him! 😀 

Fa also flew to Melbourne for a wedding, his sister’s. I think the last time we met was 3 years ago, but we’ve been chatting online randomly since then. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we used to chat online almost everyday when we were 15, 16. (Woo MSN!) He is actually someone who knows the first few guys I dated and later, the first guy who was an asshole to me. And haha, we actually argued a lot because of that asshole. And heh, we eventually became less close. Anyway, spending a couple of hours with him showed that neither of us have changed much since we were teenagers, still the same lepak kinda people. Hahaha, he kept repeating that he couldn’t believe I’m married ’cause our friendship pretty much feels the same 🙂 

De and Ga were free for dinner one night and I made them eat Korean food ’cause I was craving for it! There were quite a bit of update since we last met, and I think it’s been a longgg while since I’ve heard such drama. Haha, it was intriguing and I am looking forward to know how things unfold. Hopefully not many will get hurt over the long holiday…


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